Q&A with Wyoming Shooting Guard Xavier DuSell

Wyoming DuSell

Q&A with Wyoming Shooting Guard Xavier DuSell

Mountain West Basketball

Q&A with Wyoming Shooting Guard Xavier DuSell


MWW: As a team, you have gotten off to a hot start and surprised a lot of people so far this year, what do you think the biggest contributing factor to the hot start as a team has been?

XD: I think it’s a man by the name of Graham Ike. That guy right there is a problem, and he is going to continue to be a problem. I would say a lot of our success is catered to his ability to put the ball in the basket and to defend. I also think just all of us as a unit on the defensive end. I also think it comes down to us being a good rebounding team, and getting a lot of second chance points, while not giving up a lot of second chance points.

MWW: When I was young one of the first players I remember watching was Uche Nsonwu-Amadi. I know he has been involved a little bit with the team from his social media. What kind of interactions have you guys had with him?

XD: Yeah! He has come to a couple practices, but he has been more involved with Graham, and helping him on this journey that he is on, giving him little nuggets here and there.

MWW: Okay here are some rapid-fire questions to wrap it up: Outside of the court where is your favorite place in Laramie to hang out?

XD: So, I go to this restaurant a lot called Accomplice with my friend Cooper. I would say probably there. We go a decent amount.

MWW: Who was your favorite player growing up?

XD: Kevin Durant! I was a huge OKC fan growing up.

MWW: If the team played a game of HORSE who would win?

XD: Oh, that’s a good question. One of our walk-ons John Grigsby he might win that. He’s sneaky with those games. I don’t know why but if its one of those games he turns something on and he can just make it from anywhere.

MWW: What is your favorite arena outside of Laramie that you have played in?

XD: I played at the Suns’ arena one time in AAU and that was pretty fun so I would probably say that.

MWW: Last one: Being from Arizona, how has it been adjusting to the Laramie winters?

XD: I feel like I have adjusted pretty well, I definitely had to purchase a couple extra coats that I didn’t have coming up here, but I am inside most of the time anyway so it doesn’t bother me too much.

MWW: Well I appreciate your time man, thanks for sitting down and answering my questions.

XD: Of course man, any time!

Again, a special thanks to Xavier DuSell for taking the time to do this with us. If there are any players you would like to see us do something like this with please let us know on twitter @MWCWire



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