UFC Legacies: "Stocktons Bad Boys" The Diaz Brothers

UFC Legacies: "Stocktons Bad Boys" The Diaz Brothers

UFC Legacies: "Stocktons Bad Boys" The Diaz Brothers


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Nick and Nate Diaz are arguably two of MMA’s most controversial yet enchanting figures. Loved by many, hated by plenty, the one constant notion that The Diaz Brothers have maintained over the years is their habit of making headlines, for one reason of another. They are not conventional and some woiiuld say that that is their appeal. Potentially difficult at times but overall, valuable assets to the UFC or any promotion they work for.

They are both unique and stand out as individual and as a collective due to their genes and similar personality traits. Fanduel’s MMA marquee fights odds were always on fire for any Diaz brother contest as you could always guarantee drama and entertainment even if the result was less predictable for either fighter.

Stockton’s Bad Boys

Growing up in some of the toughest streets in America, Nate and Nick Diaz certainly had a different perspective towards life than the common man. A perspective that neither I nor you could probably ever understand. The Stockton based brothers dedicated their entire life in sharpening their skills as wild brawlers and mastering the game known as Mixed Martial Arts. Their honor towards this game and the fact that they enjoy brutalizing people in the cage is probably what kept them going for so long, and it definitely is one of the reasons why they have such a huge fan following in the world of MMA.

Nick Diaz

Elder brother Nick was the first of the two to step foot into the MMA game in 2001, as he submitted Mike Wick via Triangle Choke in his debut. A product of the Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy, Diaz quickly went 4-0 in his pro career before suffering his first loss in the game to Jeremy Jackson. The same loss down the line, played an essential role in his UFC career.

Nick’s style of fighting usually revolved around three things, wit, edginess, and most importantly, fury. The way he behaved towards the best UFC Middleweight Champion of all time, Anderson Silva, during the pair’s main event showdown at UFC 183 was a sight to behold, lying down and mocking the Brazilian in hope of a reaction mid-fight!

Nate Diaz

In 2007, Nate Diaz entered The Ultimate Fighter Season 5, and right from the get-go, MMA fans realized that this Nate Diaz guy was a character. Not only did Diaz compete in TUF 5 but he ended up winning the whole thing, and that too in textbook Nate Diaz fashion. While brother Nick was busy crafting his legacy, Nate Diaz broke into the UFC’s Lightweight Division and took the promotion by storm. One simply doesn’t mess around with Nate Diaz, regardless of whether you’re surrounded by a cage or not, it is just not a good idea.

Nate gave the world the most iconic callout of all time, when he accused UFC’s biggest superstar Conor McGregor of taking everything he had worked for. Statement made! Now it was time to walk the walk. The stage was set, UFC had banked on Diaz’s callout and put together one of the highly-awaited fights of all time, and that too on 11 days’ notice, as Nate Diaz stepped in to face Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 196 after Rafael dos Anjos had pulled-out.

It didn’t take too long for Diaz to finish things, as he put McGregor on his back, wreaked havoc on his face, and submitted him via the rear-naked choke. And there it was, Nate Diaz, on 11 days’ notice and without a full training camp, had turned the entire MMA World upside down! And, he truly wasn’t surprised!

Final Thoughts

The Diaz Brothers’ approach towards the fight game is similar to their approach in life. Every time the two brothers took it to the cage, they’ve made sure to put their absolute best in the Octagon and not give a sh*t about other people’s opinions. Described as Stockton’s finest, both Nick and Nate Diaz love fighting, be it inside or outside the UFC Octagon and there are very few people in the sport of MMA, who are capable of gaining attention to such an extent, regardless of a fight inside the cage or for a brawl happening outside of it.


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