College Basketball Rankings: Colorado State Is Very Close

College Basketball Rankings: Colorado State Is Very Close

College Basketball Rankings

College Basketball Rankings: Colorado State Is Very Close


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College Basketball Rankings: Colorado State Is Very Close

Rams are one spot out

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It is only a matter of time

The first week of December has come to an end and there has been quite a shift in the world of college basketball. 

On Monday, the newest Associated Press Top 25 rankings were released, and, for some reason, Colorado State was once again absent. 

The Mountain West Conference’s biggest hope of cracking these rankings is the Rams, and why they are excluded has a lot of people scratching their heads. 

Here are the newest AP Top 25 rankings: 

  1. Purdue 
  2. Baylor 
  3. Duke 
  4. UCLA
  5. Gonzaga 
  6. Villanova 
  7. Texas 
  8. Kansas 
  9. Alabama 
  10. Kentucky 
  11. Arizona 
  12. Arkansas 
  13. Tennessee 
  14. Houston 
  15. Connecticut 
  16. USC 
  17. Iowa State 
  18. Auburn 
  19. Michigan State 
  20. Florida 
  21. Ohio State 
  22. Wisconsin 
  23. Seton Hall 
  24. BYU 
  25. LSU 

Others Receiving Votes: Colorado State (90), Xavier (78), Illinois (71), North Carolin (55), St. Bonaventure (37), Oklahoma (29), Memphis (14), Iowa (12), Michigan (11), San Francisco (10), Loyola Chicago (4), Indiana (3), Texas Tech (2) 

Once again, the Rams are missing, and who knows why this is. Colorado State is 9-0 with double-digit victories over St. Mary’s and Creighton. They sit 16th in the nation in points scored and 14th in PPG. 

More impressively, Colorado State is 1st in the country in field goal percentage, fifth in free throw percentage, and third in three-point shooting. 

The Rams’ impressive statistics keep going: 24th in assists, 14th in turnovers, fourth in turnover-assist ratio, and 103rd in blocked shots. 

Yes, this Rams team is the real deal, and their exclusion from these rankings doesn’t make sense anymore. 

LSU got in at #25 over the Rams, and the Tigers’ best victory was against 8-1 Wake Forest. Besides that, LSU’s resume isn’t impressive, and the SEC bias continues to strike the world of college basketball. 

Seton Hall’s victory over Michigan is probably the only reason the Pirates are here, and the Wolverines have proceeded to drop far out of the rankings. 

But, the Rams ranking is on the horizon. Over the next two weeks, they face Mississippi State, Tulsa, and #9 Alabama in a huge stretch before Mountain West Conference play. 

It’s coming, don’t worry, and it should have come already. Utah State and San Diego State didn’t register any votes this week – which isn’t too surprising. The Aggies are still trying to amend their opening night loss to UC Davis, and the Aztecs have dropped three games thus far– albeit, to Michigan, USC, and BYU. 

Nonetheless, the Mountain West Conference’s only hope, for now, is the Rams, and it is just appalling that they aren’t still. 



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