College Basketball Rankings, Week 2: Mountain West Is Where?

College Basketball Rankings, Week 2: Mountain West Is Where?

College Basketball Rankings

College Basketball Rankings, Week 2: Mountain West Is Where?


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College Basketball Rankings, Week 2: Mountain West Is Where?

Colorado State is their only hope, for now

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Racking up wins might be the answer

November is almost over and the college basketball season has already had its share of twists and turns. 

Opening night featured some massive upsets, with Cal losing to UCSD, and then UC Riverside beat Arizona State on a miraculous buzzer-beater a few days later. 

Nonetheless, this is ONLY November, and one can only imagine how much more crazy things will get as the season progresses. 

On Monday, the newest AP Top 25 rankings came out – and the Mountain West still has no teams on the ballot, which should come as no shock. 

  1. Gonzaga 
  2. UCLA 
  3. Purdue 
  4. Kansas 
  5. Duke 
  6. Baylor 
  7. Villanova 
  8. Texas 
  9. Baylor 
  10. Kentucky 
  11. Alabama 
  12. Houston 
  13. Arkansas 
  14. Illinois 
  15. Tennessee 
  16. St. Bonaventure 
  17. Arizona 
  18. BYU 
  19. Auburn 
  20. Michigan 
  21. Seton Hall 
  22. Connecticut 
  23. Florida 
  24. USC 
  25. Xavier 

The only MWC school to receive votes is Colorado State once again, and the Rams received 30 votes. 

Coaches Poll

  1. Gonzaga 
  2. UCLA 
  3. Kansas
  4. Purdue 
  5. Baylor
  6. Duke
  7. Villanova 
  8. Texas 
  9. Alabama
  10. Memphis
  11. Houston
  12. Arkansas
  13. Michigan
  14. Kentucky
  15. Illinois
  16. St. Bonaventure 
  17. Tennessee
  18. BYU 
  19. Arizona
  20. Seton Hall
  21. Connecticut
  22. Auburn
  23. Oregon
  24. Florida
  25. USC

In the coaches poll, Colorado State and Utah State are earning votes.

San Diego State is one team that generated some buzz, but they fell to BYU (a loss that looks better now) and then squeaked by Arizona State. This past weekend, the Aztecs just beat UT-Arlington, so that isn’t an encouraging sign for voters. 

But, the Rams aren’t going to move up anytime soon unless others start losing. The Rams are 5-0 and should go to 6-0 with a game against Northeastern in the US Virgin Islands Paradise Jam. 

Unfortunately, the best team they have faced so far is Creighton. They have a nice five-game stretch to start December consisting of Arkansas Little Rock, St. Mary’s, Mississippi State, Tulsa, and Alabama, and that will be telling of how talented this team is. 

As for the Aztecs, they can certainly change everybody’s mind by beating Georgetown and USC or St. Joseph’s in back-to-back days at the Wooden Legacy beginning on Thanksgiving. 

They start things off with the Hoyas, then will play one of St. Joe’s or USC, and the likelihood of a USC-San Diego State Wooden Legacy final is a big one. 

Apart from these two teams, the MWC has been a concern. Sure, Boise State played well against St. Bonaventure, but that was just four days after a frustrating upset loss to UC Irvine. 

It might be some time before the MWC gets a team in the Top 25, but if the Aztecs can string together two wins over the next week – one against a Top 25 team – that will certainly help their cause.



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