Top of Smartphone Apps to Watch Football Online

Top of Smartphone Apps to Watch Football Online

Top of Smartphone Apps to Watch Football Online


No one can deny that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Everywhere on the earth, football fans and players can be found, and the need for new leagues and games is constantly expanding. This sector is worth billions of dollars.

Football is a constantly evolving industry. Every week, there are new matchups. The English Premier League, the Champions League, and other major European competitions are among the best in the world. It’s possible to stream all of these shows on your mobile device using the apps mentioned in this blog.


Football streaming apps like this one have taken off in the last few years. It’s ridiculous to rely on television when you can access all of the stations on your phone. If you can do it on your phone, why not add some extra elements to the experience?

Make sure you use a good VPN for android or a VPN for iOS to access these apps if they aren’t streaming properly or are stopping midstream. The best mobile VPN for Android will help you quickly change the IP address of your device and stream from a server to another location and solve the issue of blocked streaming. 

Let’s explore the list in detail:


  1. StarTimes – Live TV and Football 

For those who want access to a wide variety of channels, including sports ones, this is the service for you. You need StarTimes! You’ll be able to watch matches from leagues like the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ghana Premier League, FIFA, ICC, and Ligue 1 that aren’t available anywhere else.

Set a reminder if you’re worried about forgetting about an important football match and the app will notify you before the game begins. As a side note, you’ll receive alerts for all of the most crucial matches. That means you can always count on your smartphone’s mini-TV to keep you entertained wherever you are!

Make sure that when you are using these free sports streaming apps, you use them with a VPN APK for Android and iOS. 

Use a VPN for Apple iPhone if the streaming for the app slows down or stops. A VPN like VeePN can allow you to change the IP address. You can use a free trial as well. 

  1. Football Live TV – Live Score – Sports Television 

This app to watch live football is like having a whole TV on your phone or tablet. You may use it to watch any football channel, do live streaming, and do other activities geared toward football lovers with this tool in your pocket. Live Scores, Football Highlights, Betting Tips, and Daily News are just a few of the possibilities available.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Europe, the United States, or the United Kingdom; you can watch any match or league from around the world on any device. Just select the game that you wish to watch, and the app will display you all the relevant information, including the time and location of the match.

  1. ESPN

Streaming football games on ESPN is a terrific way to catch all the action as it happens.

When you first launch it, you’ll see a plethora of channels offering a variety of sports content. Choosing the “football” category on our news page will allow you to see the most recent news about the sport, as well as announcements about upcoming broadcasts.

In addition, you can look up any previous stream in the app and learn everything there is to know about the game, including the teams, players, results, and more. The data is neatly arranged on tables for easy reference.

Because ESPN is an American app focused mostly on American football, European football fans may be dissatisfied. This means that information regarding European football events can be inaccurate at times, and the games televised are not as diversified as we would like them to be.

To make matters worse, it should be noted that ESPN does not work in every country. But you can use a VPN for Android or a VPN for iOS to change your location and access the app easily. 

However, it’s one of the greatest applications for watching NFL games on a mobile device. 

  1. LaLigaSportstv 

Spain is well-known for its world-class football teams and players, as well as for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As a result, LaLigaSportstv is a fantastic app for anyone who enjoys Spanish football.

What about watching Spanish football games with foreigners?

The main reason we included this program on our list is because of its exceptional functionality and user-friendly UI. The first thing you see when you launch the app is the main screen, where you may select the type of sports you wish to watch. The newest news from the world of football, the schedule of live streaming, and video highlights from previous games are all available on LaLiga when you select football.

Using the app, you may access a variety of sports channels. When you initially launch the app, you can select your preferred sports from a list, and the app will then show you the latest news about those sports whenever you open it. In addition, you can customize the app so that news about your favorite football team always appears at the top of the news feed!

Despite the app’s focus on Spanish football, there are a plethora of football-related videos and highlights. LaLiga is a fantastic option for any and all football enthusiasts.

Use these football streaming apps and watch your favorite football leagues without any hassle, right from the convenience of your Android or iOS phone. Make sure you use a VPN for Android or a VPN for iOS, depending on the OS of your device to access the app from its native location and for experiencing uninterrupted streaming. 



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