Utah State University Aggies vs New Mexico Lobos preview

Utah State University Aggies vs New Mexico Lobos preview

Utah State University Aggies vs New Mexico Lobos preview


The South and Midwest may be seen as where football lives, thanks to all the old rivalries and big-name teams that funnel players into the NFL. Focusing just on them, however, is shortsighted and boring. Mountain West might be the youngest Conference but it’s also one of the most exciting.

The Utah State University Aggies and the University of New Mexico Lobos match up on November 26 is one of those games that you just know is going to be exciting. The Aggies are crushing the Conference this season and it’s always fun to watch a team at the top of their game. 

The Lobos have struggled this season but they’re no strangers to an upset or turning things around late in the day. Whether or not this game will be one where the underdog (or under-wolf in this case) will defy the odds is still up in the air.

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Before you put any money down on the last game of the regular season, let’s take a quick look at the two teams playing and how they stack up against each other currently.

Utah State Aggies

At the end of 2020, Utah State brought in Blake Anderson as head coach, replacing the former coach Gary Andersen. He walked into a tense situation – players had boycotted the final game in protest over comments made by the school president about the interim coach Frank Maile.

In his first year with the team, Anderson has worked hard to gain his players’ trust and rebuild the team into something stronger and better than before. He has worked hard to unify a team with divided loyalties and diverse backgrounds and he has largely been successful. 

This becomes obvious when you look at the results he has been getting. The Aggies are having one of their best seasons to date since joining the Mountain West Conference in 2013. They have had some close calls and one particularly bad loss to Boise State but are still at the top of the table.

Their game against San Jose State on November 13 is an excellent example of how the team has been playing this season. Things started badly for the Aggies and they were down by 14 after a touchdown by the San Jose State running back early in the second quarter.

Maybe they just need that pressure to get them going because from then on, the Aggies took total control of the game. By the end of the second quarter, they’d scored three touchdowns and made a field goal. Once they had gotten started, they couldn’t be stopped and the game finished with a score of 48-17.

Being able to use tailing in points as fuel to play better is an important skill for a team. It’s easy for a team to feel demoralized when their opponents are putting numbers on the scoreboard and they aren’t. It says a lot about the camaraderie between the players that they are so good at staying positive and fighting back.

New Mexico Lobos

This hasn’t been the Lobos’ year. But then neither was last year or the year before that. In fact, with the exception of 2015 and 2016, this hasn’t been a good decade for the New Mexico team.

They started the season strong, winning their games against Houston Baptist and rival New Mexico State. That glimmer of hope that things were turning around was crushed by the five-game losing streak that followed.

Except for one game, they’ve always managed to score at least one touchdown. This scrappy determination in the face of more talented and more confident teams is a good sign. It shows that the drive to win is there, it just needs to be trained and guided.

Now in his second year with the team, Danny Gonzales – a former Lobo himself – hasn’t really been able to settle into the position. This is Gonzales’ first head coaching job and he’s still establishing himself in the role. He is well aware of the challenges he and his team are facing.

The Lobos have struggled for years and Gonzales’ plan to bring the team back to being competitive at the highest level will take time to implement. His drive and determination are already paying off, though maybe not in wins just yet. 

The team is more positive and they have been playing with a new energy. His team has been improving their strength and conditioning. It could be that in a season or two, the tables will begin to reflect some of the positive changes being made over the last two years.

The Aggies really have been on fire this season. They’ve torn through some of the best defenses in the Conference like they weren’t even there. This is their game to lose. Upsets are a big part of college football, though, and we could be about to see a big one.

This Utah Aggies vs New Mexico Lobos game could be the next Stanford vs USC. Football fans fondly remember the 2007 battle between the second-ranked USC and the barely-on-the-table Stanford. Stanford shocked us then and the Lobos just might shock us now.


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