Top 5 NFL Teams 2021

Top 5 NFL Teams 2021

Top 5 NFL Teams 2021


Are you a big fan of the NFL who follows the news about favorite teams and their performance? Then, look through the top-ranking NFL teams of 2021.

Top 5 NFL Teams 2021

Football is considered to be the most important and popular sport to Americans. Since the first time, as it appeared in the 1800s, the popularity of such an activity has been increasing each year. And it’s no wonder why people are so obsessed with it. Even in childhood, boys like to play the ball with their peers, making this sport a symbolic battlefield and copying their favorite players. Moreover, such activity provides the ground for young people to develop their manhood and test their skills. Thus, such traits as self-reliance and teamwork are successfully instilled at a very young age.


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Today American football is something bigger than just a game. Many fans come to the game to support their teams and have a good time together. It’s one of the favorite pastimes Americans have. Especially when the teams show a real passion and struggle to win the game, it gives the fans great emotions and thrill, making them excited and very supportive. Moreover, the NFL teams do their best to make this sport popular. Only the quality teams are put in the league. You can observe NFL power rankings on the websites to follow the latest news and watch the top teams ahead of week five 2021.


NFL Power Rankings of the Top Five Teams of 2021

Week four showed the teams which used to hold high levels in the ranking now losing their positions. It explains why not everything can be stable and constant in the leagues. Of course, it doesn’t mean that not everything went according to a plan. However, some players fought to the end and showed terrific results with their performance. And such surprises as the New York Jets winning is also true, which made it reconsider the ranking of the top teams from the worst to first again.


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Here are the top five NFL teams in 2021 that always keep the thrill and inspire with new victories.


  1. Arizona Cardinals (4-0)

The Cardinals turned out to be the most impressive football team in the league this season. And it’s not surprising. They managed to outplay two teams at once. The victory over the Rams in Los Angeles was the biggest event that could happen this year. The Cardinals dominated the game on both sides of the ball, especially after the Rams had gained the victory over the Buccaneers. Moreover, Arizona’s defense limited Ram’s offense which led to a big win. And now it became obvious that the Cardinals are the best and the most talented team.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (3-1)

If the Rams hadn’t let the Cardinals convert eight of 13 third downs, they would have prevented the major letdown which they happened to experience during the game. After beating Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Week 3, L.A. stayed atop, ranking the second position among the league’s best teams. However, it’s just one week, and the Rams remain a Super Bowl contender.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)

No one can tell what exactly influenced the game. It can be the rough weather that unpredictably struck that day and affected Tampa’s most offensive issues. However, it was the Buccaneers’ secondary that became a great problem for the team. Richard Sherman started against the Patriots because the backfield needed better defense. Fortunately, no injuries occurred this time. And the game was worth the struggle to win. Tampa remains one of the greatest teams in 2021.


  1. Buffalo Bills (3-1)

It was incredible how the Buffalo made three straight blowout wins. Scoring 35 points in all three games, the Bills piled up 450 total yards of offense, allowed 109, forced five Houston turnovers, and logged three sacks. With such a result, Buffalo has all chances to be one of the most dominant teams in the NFL right now. Moreover, many analysts expect them to win in the next game as they have outscored the competition 118-21 the last three weeks. Thus, the Bills have a good shot at beating the Chiefs.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers (3-1)

In week three, the Chargers had a huge win, which enabled them to roll and overcome the undefeatable division rival in the next games. The team’s excellent players such as Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler, and Derwin James made it manageable to perform with accuracy and great coverage on offense. They are definitely playing at a high level. And who knows, maybe the Chargers will be able to hold off the Chiefs in the AFC West.


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