Top Unknown Benefits of Using Vapes

Top Unknown Benefits of Using Vapes

Top Unknown Benefits of Using Vapes


You may likely have come across information that advocates for smokers to stop the act because of the numerous dangers that come with smoking. Research and statistics indicate that a good number of folks that can be proximate to seven million, do die every year globally as a result of smoking-related complications. One of the ways that different smoking addicts use to ease the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes is vapes, popularly known as e-cigarettes. Vapes are better and less harmful than smoking cigarettes, although they are not out of the woods completely. Below is a list of some of the benefits of using vapes.

Vaping is Relatively Safer than Smoking

Different researchers and medical experts agree that vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes by more than 90 percent. The reason for this argument is that the e-liquids contained in vapes reduce the amount of smoke that vapes emit, the smoke that would contain tar and carbon monoxide responsible for most of the harmful effects of smoking on the body. This translates to less harmful effects on your lungs and heart, improved taste and smell senses, and lower blood pressure.

Vapes are More Affordable

Smokers would agree that the amount of money they spend on cigarettes annually is pretty enormous. For example, it is estimated that most smokers consume approximately eleven cigarettes, which is the average number of cigarettes that each smoker consumes in most countries. The cost of buying this amount of cigarettes amounts to an average of $1700, which is a lot of money. On the other side, the cost of vaping would be approximately $400 per year, which caters to purchasing the vape, the additional accessories, and refilling the e-liquid.

Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking

Different studies indicate that in every ten smokers, seven have the desire to quit. The best way to do that is to vape, this is because vaping satiates most of the smoking cravings and helps the smoker maintain the social aspect of smoking. Therefore, if you wish to stop smoking, get yourself a geek bar, and you will not regret it.

Vapes Produce Fewer Odors

One of the bad things associated with smokers is the strong and irritating odor from their mouths and clothes. However, vaping does not produce the bad odors that would leave your mouth, clothes, or house smell. Instead, they come in different flavors that could get non-smokers complimenting you for the smell.

Controlled Vapor Output

Vaping does not produce smoke, and this means that vapes are safe when you inhale and exhale because they do not affect the non-smokers around you, even in a poorly ventilated room. Vapes come with several features to help you regulate the amount of vapor you exhale, including the power to alter the coil types, airflow, and power output.

It is vital to remind you that although vaping is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, it is still harmful to your health. In addition to that, if you are already a smoking addict and wish to quit it as soon as it might wish to go, it would be advisable to buy a geek bar and you will see a positive change.


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