The Drought Continues: Air Force Loses to Army 14-21

The Drought Continues: Air Force Loses to Army 14-21

Air Force

The Drought Continues: Air Force Loses to Army 14-21


Air Force Football: The Drought Continues, Five Years and Counting

Army Keeps the Commander-in-Chief ‘s Trophy in New York

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It’s going to be another very long year for the Air Force contingent, as they yet again see Army crush their aspirations of once again possessing the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy. There were some surprises in how the game was concluded, even in how it made it to Overtime.

The accolades of a very entertaining game will carry little if any consolation to the Falcons, even if it’s true. This was in fact a fantastic game. At the end of the day, we have to acknowledge something that is incredibly difficult to profess. What we are seeing is an Army program that is at the top of the mountain of Military Academy football. It’s not just this year, it’s the consistency and success that Jeff Monken and crew been able to foster.

On the other side, you have to wonder where this leaves Air Force. The Falcons fought tooth and nail just to push this game into overtime. A steady kicking game helped get them there, which isn’t necessarily what you’d expect, but you have to be encouraged by it. But costly turnovers continue to haunt them, in particular in these critical games. A fumbled snap on fourth and one, along with an ‘gadget play’ that saw slot back Dane Kinnamon throw an interception when the team just moved the ball down the field are front and center.

The fact that an apparent false start by Army on their touchdown in overtime, which in itself was of all things; a fumble into the endzone, recovered by the offense. This bounce of fortune proved to be the difference in the game as Air Force failed to convert on their first attempt in overtime.

Noone can question the effort and resolve showcased by Air Force. Unfortunately, Army’s never came into question either. That combined with a more creative offensive attack which featured a very effective pass game proved too much for the Falcons.

The result; Win or Lose in ‘America’s Game’ versus Navy, the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy stay’s at West Point New York. A very bitter pill to swallow.


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