Thoughts on CSU victory over San Jose State

Thoughts on CSU victory over San Jose State

Thoughts on CSU victory over San Jose State


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 Thoughts on CSU victory over San Jose State

Huge win for the Rams

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What is next for Colorado State

The Colorado State Football team returned to action on Saturday to defeat the Mountain West defending champions after picking their defense apart.

On their return to action, the Rams dominated every inch of the game while enjoying the pressure-free in the fourth quarter as they went on to claim a 32-14 victory at Canvas Stadium on Saturday, and had the games covered with odds.

San Jose State with a record of 3-3, 1-1 in the MW went 7-1 the last season to claim the league title while returning with their pivotal players, with only their starting quarterback missing that day.

The Rams with a record 3-3, 1-0 in the MW became the latest trend in the league following their impressive victory against the Spartans.

Here are some thoughts on the impressive victory.

Todd Centeio’s domination

This is considered the best game the quarterback has ever had as a Ram. He was pivotal for the CSU in the opening minutes as he was able to connect all five passes to help his team cruise down the field for an opening-drive touchdown to begin the game.

The quarterback went on to connect his first 12 passes, which is the second-longest streak by a CSU quarterback. The player was there when you needed him and showed impressive control all through the game. His notable performance came when he made a 60-yard deep ball touchdown go Ty McCullough in the third quarter which saw the Rams grab a 23-7 lead in the game.

Centeio’s final statistics for the game came out to be 19 completions on 23 passes for 226 yards a touchdown and no interceptions. The player also ran for 37 yards and had. an 826 completion percentage.

Rams’ pivotal players out, still no issue

What made the Rams’ offensive performance more dazzling was the fact that there were key players missing for the team, which had been predicted by real money casinos in newzealand.

Star receiver Dante Wright has been missing in three consecutive games for the team due to a leg injury, while starting running back David Bailey was also missing in the game having succumbed to an injury against Iowa a fortnight ago. The duo was seen during the warm-ups but they failed to come on the pitch.

Offensive lineman Vincent Picozzi, another starter was spotted in street clothes for the game. Yet, despite all that, the Rams offensive still ended up with 449 total yards of offense.

Winning Method

The Rams defense was excellent in the game, with freshman safety Jack Powell picking off Nash on San Jose State’s first drive while Thomas Pannunzio was able to recover a fumble ok n a miffed punt. Cian Quiroga was also able to recover the climber made by Scott Patchan as CSU went on to win the turnover battle 3-0. Kicker Cayden Camper didn’t fall behind in terms of excellent play as well.

CSU was only able to commit four penalties during the game.



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