What Makes Box Lacrosse an Interesting Choice?

What Makes Box Lacrosse an Interesting Choice?

What Makes Box Lacrosse an Interesting Choice?


The continuous flow and quick pace of box lacrosse make it an intense and exciting sport. In the debate between box lacrosse vs traditional field lacrosse, there are several factors that determine which is better.

Box lacrosse is played within an ice hockey rink but on a turf carpet instead of an ice layer. This modern indoor version of traditional field lacrosse was invented between the third and fourth decades of the 20th century. The compact space forces players to make quick decisions.

Interesting Sporting Choice

Your ball-handling skills are tested while playing box as you get limited chances to shoot accurately and make crisp passes. The game also teaches you to play with your feet and defend better. 

The box lacrosse vs. traditional field lacrosse debate continues to rage. There is no denying that playing in the box develops your game. You are constantly in action while on the field, repeatedly touching the ball with your stick and developing your skills in the process.

Here’s why box lacrosse is an interesting option to consider: 

Highly Scoring Games

Playing within a restricted area helps sharpen your stick skills, allowing you to score goals in bunches. Stick accuracy enables you to hit the goal instead of misfiring. Each goal builds your confidence and recharges you to deliver your best performance at this fast-moving competition.

You Master Making Split-Second Decisions

Each time you get the ball, you have to act swiftly based on the score, time, and shot clock. It encourages you to make split-second decisions, and the feedback from your teammates and coach is also instantaneous. Should you make a bad call once, you get another chance soon after to rectify the damage. 

Promises Quality Playing Time

You lose out on quality playing time in the traditional field version while box lacrosse exhausts you with its constant back and forth movement. As a player, you want more opportunities to touch and score instead of just wandering. The more times you get to shoot, the better you become at scoring goals.

Demands Body Control

Lacrosse is a contact sport, so you must use your body to shield your stick and ball from opponents as they try to dispossess you. Practice will help you develop your close-control and get better at it eventually. Once you’ve mastered it, you can handle the ball better, effortlessly shoot around your defender and shield your stick.

Taps Creative Instincts

With time, you develop ways to make your opponent believe what you want them to, with your expressions or gestures. Besides learning the knack of proper positioning and footwork, anticipating the opponent’s next move is critical to your team’s success. 

The mind games, coupled with the physical demands of this sport, make it exciting to watch. Your feet are constantly moving as the arena walls keep the ball in play always. The box game’s structure and pace are what differentiates it from its traditional field counterpart.

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