Fresno State's Cavinder Twins Could Make More Than Double Basketball Coaches Salary

Fresno State's Cavinder Twins Could Make More Than Double Basketball Coaches Salary

Fresno State

Fresno State's Cavinder Twins Could Make More Than Double Basketball Coaches Salary


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Fresno State’s Cavinder Twins Could Make More Than Double Basketball Coaches Salary

Name, Image, Likeness is taking off, good

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Make that money, ladies.

The floodgates are opened and college athletes are finally to earn money off of their own name, image, and likeness and not just a scholarship and some cost of attendance money. They are getting cold hard cash.

The two Mountain West athletes who are taking full advantage of this are not from a money-making sport. The duo that is cashing in are Haley and Hanna Cavinder who are twin sisters who play on the Fresno State basketball team.

They were one of the first to sign deals and in part due to their fame on social media — which the majority of these deals will be made — with their combined half-a-million TikTok followers and each have over 250,000 each on Instagram.

Mountain West Athletes Can Make Money From NIL Deals. Now What?

Per the Fresno Bee, the Cavinder twins could easily make more than their basketball coach, athletics director, and the school president easily due to their social media following.

A valuation prepared by the marketing platform in April pegged the Cavinders’ individual social media accounts at around $45,000 annually. The shared TikTok, more than $520,000 annually. A single branded post from the account would be worth around $35,000. Add in a shared YouTube channel, and those two shared accounts alone could pull down as much as or more than $600,000 a year.

Saul Jimenez-Sandoval, the newly hired Fresno State president, is paid $348,423 — not including benefits and other perks.

Jaime White, the Bulldogs’ women’s basketball coach, made $262,563 in base salary. Athletics director Terry Tumey, $278,374. The dean of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, $205,398.

All we can say is good for them.

These athletes in non-revenue sports are at their peak of earning potential. Once these two leave school, that drops and even if they go play pro basketball the money may not even be the same. There are other athletes with no pro options in their sport or it pays very little.

Getting this money now is a great recruiting tool for Fresno State athletics to get them to come to campus to show that there is value in earning potential. It does take some skill and personality to have a big following as that is part of the equation.

“The girls are going to be busy,” said Darren Heitner of Florida-based Heitner Legal, who has been retained as the twins’ legal counsel. “There are a lot of professional athletes who don’t come close to them in terms of number of followers, the type of engagement, how great their personalities are and their connection to fans.”

This duo has a deal with Boost Mobile and it is to last long beyond their days at Fresno State.

“It’s not something that we’re looking at as a short-term deal. We’re looking at hopefully the start of a very long-term relationship. Well see how the deal goes over the near future, and I know the girls are extremely excited about partnering with such a large and established reputable brand.”


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Another Fresno State basketball star is in the mix as well with Orlando Robinson tweeting out a highlight video that is sponsored and he appears to be working with Opendorese for ways to earn some income off of his image.

It is all here and we are for these athletes earning a few bucks, or in some cases mega bucks while in school.



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