The NCAA Football Video Game: What Really Happened?

The NCAA Football Video Game: What Really Happened?

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The NCAA Football Video Game: What Really Happened?


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EA Sports NCAA Football is a Cult Classic

What role did “amateurism” really play in the cancelling of the NCAA Football?

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For years, EA Sports produced the NCAA Football video game series that captured the hearts of gamers and football fans everywhere. The series came to an abrupt end in 2013, with the release of the last installment of the series, NCAA Football 14.

To the delight of fans everywhere, EA Sports recently announced their intent to release a ‘College Football Game’ in the future. So things seemingly have come full circle since that dark day that marked the end of a legacy.

However, so much happened in those years since 2013 that most aren’t even aware of. Ben Baskins of Religion of Sports did a significant amount of investigating, interviewing and analysis to construct his most recent release in the ‘Lost in Sports’ Podcast series. In this iteration of the series, Baskins narrates a fascinating journey which features those who were the closest to the series, and the events that led to its ending.

The truth is out there now, and thanks to Ben Baskins and Religion of Sports, we have an up close look.

Check Out the Lost in Sports ‘NCAA Video Game’ Podcast Here!



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