College Football Revamped: Now Updated with Air Force

College Football Revamped: Now Updated with Air Force

Air Force

College Football Revamped: Now Updated with Air Force


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College Football Revamped is a Must Have

v12 Update to Include Air Force!

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Over the last two years we’ve released various articles covering the video game legacy that will never die, EA Sports NCAA Football 14. While most of our content has been specifically around the authentic roster updates that keep the game current, there is plenty more going on involving this iconic game series. This previous information can be revisited here.

Earlier this year, EA Sports announced they would be reviving their College Football franchise. While the consumable product won’t be available anytime soon, the mere confirmation of its return has the NCAA Football community buzzing. What is even more exciting, you don’t have to wait another year or more to play an upgraded variety of the NCAA Football series.


The prospect of a new College Football video game is going to be great, this can be unilaterally agreed upon. But if you weren’t aware, there is a team of dedicated developers who have completely renovated NCAA Football 14 (the series final installment), operating under the ‘College Football Revamped’ name. There are obvious limitations within the games engineering, as it is designed and played on older gaming platforms, but to say what these guys have done is anything short of amazing is an insult.

From in game textures, upgraded stadiums, the College Football Playoff, updated uniforms, playbooks which include RPO’s and the addition of major programs that weren’t even in the FBS when the last edition of the game was released; these guys have truly resurrected this game. Were talking intricate level details, such as brand sponsors like Under Armor, Nike and the ‘Jordan’ logo, which are now in partnership with various programs are all reflected in the game.

The College Football Revamped Team selflessly shares all of their modifications, updates and resources on easy to source platforms. What’s more, they are constantly active in troubleshooting and helping fans alike install the program updates to their gaming system, so they can enjoy the newly modified game. There have been significant man hours placed into these works, and are still continually, but yet there are no associated costs to enjoy their work. Though, if you want to show your appreciation and supporting their efforts, there are links to make contributions on their discord page.

Without trying to, and inevitably unsuccessfully explain in any detail exactly how these guys create this awesome product, I’ll refer you to their Discord forum which is loaded with easy to digest information, previews, tutorials and so much more. You can find them on Discord HERE. They also have an installation page to help, located HERE. Lastly, you should also give them a follow on Twitter!


Even though there have been multiple updates released over the past couple of months, the Mountain West hasn’t been completed yet. The team at College Football Revamped is one by one updating over 100 teams mind you, and at the level of detail they dive, it is understandable that it will take some time to get through the entire FBS.

With that said, the release of v12 which will include Air Force is slated drop tomorrow, June 19th at 1 p.m. EST! Along with the Falcons, a handful of the remaining PAC12 teams will be included, and more notably, the Navy Midshipmen also come in this wave. It’s not bias to say that Air Force’s uniform game is elite, so to see how they look on the newest update is anticipation a lot of fans will relate. We have included a few sneak peaks here today. So whether your an avid gamer, new to this College Football Revamped revelation or just want some Air Force football to tide you over until September, I encourage you to take a look at the amazing work the good folks at College Football Revamped have been putting out; which now includes the Tuskegee Airmen uniform series for the Falcons!



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