8 Most Remarkable NBA Games of All Time

8 Most Remarkable NBA Games of All Time

8 Most Remarkable NBA Games of All Time


Anticipation, thrill, and even anxiety. You can feel these emotions when you are playing at the real money casino or watching a basketball game. Here are the most remarkable NBA matches of all time.  

Michael Jordan’s 69 Points Against the Cleveland Cavaliers

In the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jordan was on fire and played 50 minutes on the floor. Michael was incredibly efficient in scoring, hitting just 4-of-27 shots from the field. He also remembered to rebound and steal the ball from his opponent. At the time, that was enough to put him in the top 10 of all-time individual scoring performances.

Kobe Bryant’s 81 Points

In his legendary game, Bryant proved that it’s possible to come close to Wilt Chamberlain in modern competitive basketball. Bryant’s 81 points against Toronto is still the second-highest score in history. Even with 10,000 games since that event.

Shaq’s 61 Points on His Birthday

There is no better birthday gift for an athlete than a win. But Shaq had a much more pleasant surprise waiting for him on his 28th birthday. Not only did he defeat the Clippers and give the Lakers their 16th win in a row, but he also managed a career-high 61 points per game.

Duel Between Nash and Kidd in 2006

A vivid confrontation between two virtuosos of the ball, incredibly talented and highly intelligent point guards. It was a hot July afternoon in Phoenix Suns Arena. It was a head-to-head game, nobody wanted to lose, two overtime periods and Nash’s 40 points to Kidd’s triple-double. This game was a thriller!

Tracy McGrady and His 13 Points in 35 Seconds 

Houston loses to San Antonio by 8 points. Just over thirty seconds left to play. There were only two other options: to hang tough or take matters into their own hands and pull out a win for their team. Tracy chose the second option and made history with this legendary ending.

Magic Plays Every Position and Wins the NBA Ring

Game 5 of the Finals series against Philadelphia. The score was 3-2 in favor of the Lakers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar twists his leg and leaves the game. 


All the responsibility falls on the star, but very young rookie of the Californians, Magic Johnson, who does well. This promising athlete leads his team to a series win and earns his first career NBA championship ring. 

Iverson Gives Shaq and Kobe a Fight in the NBA Finals

On this night, the world got a new king. No one could believe that Philadelphia’s small point guard was capable of being a giant problem for the unstoppable Lakers team that reached the Finals without a single loss. 

Chicago Bulls vs. Phoenix Suns, Game 6 of the ’93 Finals

It’s an epic clash between Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, the best players of the ’90s. The Phoenix Suns are at their peak, with the restless Charles Barkley, Daniel Lewis Majerle, and Kevin Johnson. Chicago Bulls are exactly how you remember it – with the magical Jordan and Pippen. Jordan is the only Bulls player to score points in the fourth quarter.


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