Why the L.A. Lakers Will Be The NBA Champions Once Again

Why the L.A. Lakers Will Be The NBA Champions Once Again

Why the L.A. Lakers Will Be The NBA Champions Once Again


It’s a rest versus rust in the beginning of the regular season as it was much anticipated that the start of the season will provide sloppy basketball game play and intensity will have been reduced as teams get back into the flow of things. 

Moreover, the likes of LA Lakers will have played just 72 days earlier, while non-NBA bubble teams would have last played in 290 days earlier to the season resumption. More importantly, the teams that played right till the end of 2020 playoffs will likely be fatigued, while other teams who have enjoyed a long layoff might show signs of rust. 

Despite the little rest and plan to the season proper, LA Lakers has been in a stellar form lately and the current defending champion of the NBA wouldn’t be so worried about playoffs seeding for the current season as long as the Lakers can continue their impressive form and gameplay while they keep building team chemistry, then the post season will be a scenario they can easily handle. 

While playing his 18th year in the NBA the LA Lakers talisman, LeBron James is having an MVP calibre season while showing no signs of slowing down. More so, LA Laker is currently having a stellar season, boasting of the second-best record in the West ahead of the All-Star break, coming from an impressive offseason as they got younger, while adding young players who are hungry for their first trip to the NBA Finals, after being tipped to win the NBA with +360 odds and being the favorites in most free NBA picks with only Brooklyn Net close rampaging behind the Lakers at +320 odds. 

While the season is gradually getting intense on a daily basis, LeBron James and the Lakers will be looking to repeat champions’ feat once again this season. Interestingly enough, the Lakers might be bigger favourites than they were last campaign. 

Moreover, repeating a champions feat is harder than winning the first championship, but with the Lakers, they might just have the nerves to steal it once again. Even after their triumph in the immediate past campaign, LA Lakers were one of the busiest teams during the offseason and most especially during the trade market before and after the NBA Draft and into the start of free agency.

While their might have been a doubt of LA Laker repeating the feat, they achieved last campaign, the reason below might have just the click needed by the Laker to becomes the champions once again this season

Younger Lakers with energy and Vibrancy 

The younger squad of the LA laker does not readily transform the team to be the champion, however, the defending champion is on the line with their acquisition. There is no doubt that the season will be heavy for the veterans and the most regular player who has been on the scene for a longer period of seasons. 

Moreover, each team acquired well this campaign and the NBA draft. While the Laker had a few months to refresh, strategize and refuel their ambition, it’s not such a high value to know that the fatigue will be killing the ambition off this campaign but their young and vibrant acquisition will be of such strength to the squad that is literarily dominating in the previous campaign. 

More also, with the young and fresh blood that will be compensating for the veteran and experience will be such a perfect mix that would be a driving force for the already frail and unprecedented season in the NBA. The league season is shortened to just 72 games which only means that there would be more back-to-back games and veteran players sitting out for “load management” reasons.

More so, the NBA relaxing the rules designed to stop teams from sitting key players will become a key factor in player’s management and thus the importance of the Laker getting younger that their last campaign will be more dominant as the season becomes more intense. 

Moreover, with COVID-19 is impertinently rampaging throughout the world, there would be doubt about players missing games due to positive coronavirus tests. The condensed 72 game schedule also means COVID positive players will miss more games than they would otherwise. 

Needless to say, if an impact player is out for an extended period that will significantly impact wagering. But with a fat and younger squad, LA Lakers is set for the intense season and their younger squad will play some huge role to make sure that Lakers becomes the champions’ one again. 

A better away record this season

Coming off the offseason, no one could have actually predicted how the defending champion would have responded to their impending fatigue and how well and far they would go this campaign. The Lakers have responded in a most daunting fashion while they are blowing away the teams since the offseason, but the most impressive response from the Laker is their awesome away win record this campaign. 

The impressive LA Laker have been extremely good away from the Staples Centre this season as the new-look Lakers broke the franchise record for the best road start to the season while going 7-0 in the beginning of the season. The defending champions are currently 13-3 on the road and a tremendous 81.3% winning percentage that indicates a title aspiration for the Staples Centre team come playoff time.

With limited fans or no fans at all in attendance, it could be well understood that there is not so much difference between the home and away games this season. But nothing can be taken away from the Lakers that have been able to bring all the pieces together, demonstrating strong willpower while showing tremendous capabilities in away games thanks to a bunker mentality adapted on a team-level. 

Nonetheless, the LA Lakers’ unit has come to fruition in the absence of fans in the stadia and they have been conquering teams on their turf with authority and will play such a huge factor in the Lakers’ quest to win back the trophy they won last campaign. 

LeBron James and other stars

LeBron James is a special talent who can find the extra gear when adversity strikes and the postseason shouldn’t be any different for the LA Laker talisman. With James at the helm of game dictation, LA Lakers would duly make full use of their encouraging away record, while they’re getting ahead with their impressive nature in the current campaign. 

More also, with the Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis and a slew of veterans last season and have made upgrades at multiple positions this campaign, the Los Angeles Lakers were favoured by the bookies to win it all this season. LeBron James and AD will do most of the heavy lifting but last year’s top two Sixth Man of the Year candidates, Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell will probably be setting the reigning champions over the top with their dazzling skills and technicalities.

However, the season itself may have been marked with tedious games and difficulty to players management, but one thing is for sure is that LeBron James will need to pull out all the stops irrespective of where the Lakers end up with the playoff seed provided, they do.

But it is all about mental toughness and physical rigidity as no one trumps the King James in that department. But with the young squad coupled with the veteran mix at the base of the season to glide, the Laker will need the LeBron James magic once again to ensure that the teacher reaches its peak in their champions quest.  


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