Thank you Josh Allen, From Wyoming Fans

Thank you Josh Allen, From Wyoming Fans

Josh Allen

Thank you Josh Allen, From Wyoming Fans


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Thank you Josh Allen, From Wyoming fans

No Super Bowl this year, but hopefully soon.

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Allen making Cowboy fans proud

The Buffalo Bills season, which for part of the year seemed unstoppable, is over. It came screeching to a halt following a 38-24 loss to defending Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Even though the team failed to make it to the pinnacle of the sport, this season made the nation take notice of something that fans of Wyoming have known for nearly four years, Josh Allen is an elite talent.

Allen’s story is well known by now, overlooked small town prospect, All-American kid that played every sport that he could, only two offers coming out of JUCO, to ultimately become the seventh selection of the 2018 NFL draft. His rise from small-town farm kid, to a potential NFL MVP is remarkable, but one area of his story that doesn’t get enough recognition is what he meant to the University of Wyoming.

Before Allen took the reins of the Cowboy’s offense the team was a lowly bottom dweller of the Mountain West Conference. In the two seasons prior to Allen being made a starter the pokes went a combined 6-18.

Despite having talented receivers, and a formidable rushing attack, Wyoming was in dire need of a dynamic passer that could bring everything together. Allen just happened to be that dynamic presence.

For the next two seasons, Allen and the Cowboys turned the direction completely around. Wins, including against ranked opponents, invigorated the fan base, and completely changed the atmosphere around the program.

It wasn’t long before the national media took notice of what 17 was doing in Laramie, and soon the University of Wyoming was thrust into the national college football dialog.

The Allen brought media exposure and attention equated to more than $159 million generated for the university.

I don’t think that it is too much of a stretch to say that Wyoming Cowboy football would not be where it is today without the contributions of Josh Allen, so when he was drafted by the Bills it isn’t surprising that the once strong Broncos country of Wyoming has now become a Bills mafia enclave.

It is also the reason that Wyoming fans were quick to defend him whenever his play was questioned. We had seen it first, we knew that what he brought to the team was more than just raw athleticism, his desire to win is unmatched.

When the world finally started to take notice of what Allen was doing in Buffalo, it was almost reminiscent of his days spent at 7220′. Once again he took a lowly team back to the upper echelon of the sport. Once again a team, and city, was getting media exposure that they lacked for many years.

I know that the University of Wyoming is extremely appreciative of the contributions that Allen provided, but with the success of the Bills this season, it made me reminisce about the years that he donned the brown and gold, and I have to thank him for all that he did for a team, and a state, that was looking for that spark to reignite their football team.


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