4 Historic Football Matches And Their Importance For Online Gambling

4 Historic Football Matches And Their Importance For Online Gambling

4 Historic Football Matches And Their Importance For Online Gambling


One of the things that make sports so interesting to people is the growing feeling of anticipation and excitement before every match. Guessing which player or team is going to win is something that keeps us on our toes until the end of the game.

Sometimes even when the odds are completely in favour of one team or player, something unexpected happens, and we are left breathless, wondering how did that just happen. However, some of us are able to predict such drastic changes during the game and that’s where online gambling and sportsbetting come in handy. Fans who are able to predict the outcome of such unpredictable matches can do so with the help of instant online sportsbetting without visiting the brick-and-mortar sportsbook.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most historic football matches that have left a lasting impact on both sports fans and the online betting industry.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid (2010)

Real Madrid has been known to boost some of the top players in the world. Their loyal fans are used to see them shine against any adversary, even if it’s a team as strong as Barcelona. However, in a match in 2010, all-stars aligned for Barcelona FC to score five goals and deliver one of the most historic matches in their club’s history. Messi’s mind-blowing performance combined with a red card for Sergio Ramos and irritated Ronaldo, left all the doors opened for Barcelona to end the match victorious. Although some betting fans could have predicted that Barcelona would score two or even three goals, only those who were watching the match live could see the fourth and the fifth coming. And this is where live betting comes to mind. This match is one of those events that made the industry, as well as the fans, feel the need for instant live betting that would make instant predictions more exciting.

Manchester United vs Manchester City (2011)

What the online gambling industry made possible is for fans of both casino games and sportsbetting to have instant access to their favourite way of entertainment. Whether we’re talking about sportsbetting odds or incredible casino games at Quatro casino, online gambling and sportsbetting now give us the option to put our skills to test without having to visit any land-based location. And that’s exactly what every sportsbetting fan wanted to have back in 2011 when Manchester United played against Manchester City. Only the ending result of 1-6 in favour of Manchester City, makes this match a historic one, without including the fact that odds were in favour of the team that lost before the match.

Greece vs Portugal (2004)

Just as Euro Cup 2004 started, Greece made a win against Portugal in their first encounter and no one thought much of it. Everyone suspected that the Portuguese players were only tired, and haven’t had the time to analyze their opponents. However, only three weeks after that match, Greece gave the audience another magnificent performance, that resulted in yet another win for the greatest underdog of the entire Cup.

Brazil vs Germany (2014)

Another proof that players click differently while playing for their national team, is the World Cup 2014 match where Brazil met Germany. It was a true masterpiece to watch and a game that defied any logic. The mind-boggling result 1-7 in favour of the Germans, made everyone question their predictions and take another hard look at every individual team in the Cup.


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