Basketball Betting 101: Tips to create strategies for beginners

Basketball Betting 101: Tips to create strategies for beginners

Basketball Betting 101: Tips to create strategies for beginners


Betting on basketball can be a very fun hobby or even a source of some extra cash if you are lucky enough. Apart from the luck factor, you will definitely have to have a well-planned betting strategy. As a matter of fact, many betting systems can help you get closer to your goal and get you some great winnings.

If you are new to wagering on basketball today or you would love to dig deeper and learn something more, stay tuned and check out what are the most successful betting strategies in basketball. 

Rule number one: Learn all the rules

When betting on any sports and any league the first thing you need to do is learn the rules of the sport. This is essential to any beginner wagerer and it should be the first thing you do before you start creating your first betting slip at TN betting sites. Knowing the rules of the sport will help you understand the game, the wagers, and also figure out the possible outcome on your own. 

What to Avoid?

If you are a newbie to the game and you want to learn how to earn money quickly and easily by betting on your favorite basketball team there are some things you should remember. In this game, the situation can be turned suddenly and you can be losing / winning before you know it. 

You should try to keep track of the game, and the safest way to do so is to avoid live basketball betting at first. This might lead you to make rushed decisions that might not be the best choice. Inexperienced bettors can try to compensate for lost bets in live betting and dig themselves even deeper and eventually lose a lot of money. 

Change your betting strategy

If you used to bet on any other sports you should keep in mind that the strategies you applied to other sports might not work on basketball, too. For example, football or cricket wagering strategies are completely different compared to basketball, and you should try to incorporate some of the following methods:

Is it smart to bet on the winner?

Those wagerers who want to bet for the sake of supporting their favorite can place bets with low odds on the winner of the game. However, if you want to win big, this might not be the smartest thing to do. 

The truth is that in basketball and leagues such as the NBA, the situation in the game is unstable, and shape variations are quite common. So, once you think that the team you wagered on is winning, a substitute spared for such situations can ruin your plans. 

Some of the best types of basketball bets are:

  • Point spread
  • Money Line
  • Parlays
  • Propositions
  • Over/Unders

Find the odds to maximize your winnings

Instead of choosing a standard way to wager, one should find the best odds that will maximize the winnings. This also means comparing the odds from various sportsbook operators. Nowadays, all the operators have the odds at your disposal, and you have to check them online and compare them with several others. 

Understanding the odds

Learning how bookmakers calculate the odds can also be the other determining factor when it comes to the success of your betting strategy. Wagering odds are the foundation of any sport and any sports bet. So, how do they calculate the probability of a certain game’s outcome?

They all start with fair odds and the probability of all possible outcomes – victory for either of the teams and of course, draw. When combined, the percentage is equal to 100%. Then, the number 100 is divided by the percentage probability for each of the outcomes. 

For example:

Team number one has a 67% chance of winning according to some calculations of the bookmaker. 100/67=1.49, which is the odds number presented in decimals. 

Real odds made from fair odds are the odds bettors will see, and these are made to make the sportsbook profit in the majority of situations. They do this by multiplying fair odds by a factor of 0.9, which means that the operators will pay the potential 90% to the player and keep 10%.


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