How to bet the NBA games

How to bet the NBA games

How to bet the NBA games


Just like a basketball team would need experience and unmatched tactics to win a match, you also need that charm to make good money with NBA games. Basketball is one of the easiest games to bet and win big if you know how to do it right. 

Moreover, the type of betting site you choose will also significantly influence how successful you can be. For instance, choosing a reputable site like NetBet UK will ensure that you get timely payments and instant reflection of your deposits. You will also have access to 24/7 customer services that would come in handy in case of network outages, delayed payments, and hanging bets. 

Most importantly, it would be best if you went with a sportsbook that has diversified markets to maximize your chances of winning big. Remember, the more you diversify your bets, the higher the chances of winning big since the risk is spread.

As noted, basketball is one of the most popular sports, not only in the USA but the entire world. Do you want to know how you can leverage this guide to get the most out of your subsequent bankroll? Well, continue reading to find out more:

  • Total Points Over/Under

To win on the Total Points Over/Under type of bet, you should estimate the total number of points each team will garner. The markets for this type of bet may vary from one sportsbook to another but will mostly be for quarters or the entire game. For the bet to win, the final score must either surpass the sportsbook’s market or be lower than it. For example, you can bet that a match will end with Over 184.5 points at +110. For that prediction to win, the total points must be at least 185. 

  • Future Bet

Future bets the most profitable but riskiest bets that you can place on NBA. Moreover, it requires great patience, and as we know, quite a handful of people weren’t born patient. However, if you are skillful, with in-depth analysis of different players and teams, this type of bet is for you. Just as the name suggests, you should foretell the outcome of the league in the future. For instance, you can predict that Miami Heat to win the NBA title in a certain season. You can also predict the total number of points that a player might score in a match. 

  • Moneyline

Moneyline is another simple bet to place, especially if you can differentiate a favorite and an underdog. All teams whose markets have positive signs are underdogs while negative are favorites. All you need to do is identify the team that will likely win and wager against the Moneyline odds. However, it is important to note that if you pick a favorite team to win, the winning profit will be less than the wager. If you go with an underdog at it wins, the profit will be bigger than the wager. Here is an illustration of a favorite and an underdog:

    • TEAM B -180 (favorite)
    • TEAM A +160 (underdog)
  • Parlays

Parlays are not any different from football multi-bets as all you need to do is combine more than one game or market on a single bet slip in NBA betting. The best thing about parlays is that the winnings are big and often come with hefty bonuses. 

  • Spread

Lastly, you might also be interested in spread bets. Spread bet is more like handicapping, where you wager on the points that your favorite team will win or lose by. Analysts will argue that this is one of the safest bets in basketball because you are a winner as soon as the game starts unless your team does otherwise from what is expected. The favorite is the team with higher chances of winning, and it lays points to the underdog (the team that is expected to lose) to bridge the gap for “equality”. Here is an illustration for insightful understanding:

  • TEAM A: +3.5 -110
  • TEAM B: 3.5 -110

To earn on the favorite, Team B must win by at least 4 points. To earn from the underdog, Team B must either win the game or lose by less than four points.

The above tips will bring you to par with the tricks that professional gamblers use to ensure that they never run out of bankroll. Remember, the easiest and most predictable way of making money on the NBA is either the Moneyline bet or total points. If your sportsbook pays huge bonuses on multi-bets, then parlays also sound like a good plan. 


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