Air Force vs. Wyoming Football Cancelled

Air Force vs. Wyoming Football Cancelled

Air Force

Air Force vs. Wyoming Football Cancelled


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Pokes vs. Falcons Cancelled without intent to Reschedule

Air Force Loses Another Game From Schedule

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Another Game Falls Victim to COVID-19

Well it’s become official, the fear effect has impacted the Falcon’s schedule yet again. After cancelling last weekends game against Army for clear and obvious fears of the team before them, and not a Pandemic that his stricken the country, Air Force has taken the same course and now cancelled their tilt against Wyoming.

As I jest about the nature of the Falcons misfortune to have to cancel yet another game due to an increase in COVID-19 cases at the Academy, there is nothing funny about it. Yesterday, word became official that an increase in COVID-19 cases at the school, and specifically amongst Cadets on the football team has increased to a point at which playing the game was not a viable option.

Contrary to the nonsense rant that Army coach, Jeff Monken spewed in response to the Falcons cancelling their game against their brethren at West Point, it’s become obvious that infection rates that have taken a significant toll on Air Force’s ability to field a team.

The biggest difference between this cancellation and the week previous is the Mountain West has already communicated that there is no intention to reschedule the game versus Wyoming. You can read more about it here. Compare that to Army, who the Falcon’s are still evaluating ways to make the game happen this season, at least only one of the two are a foregone concluded ‘no contest’.

The other blaring difference between the cancellation of these two matchups would have to be the grace with which one program and their coach, Craig Bohl at Wyoming, accepted the reality, compared to the well documented commentary that came out of West Point.

Perhaps Bohl is still feeling great after a recent contract extension, or maybe he’s just much better at exercising discretion with his words. Or lack of them.

Either way, I’m sure Bohl and the Pokes are very disappointed that the game will not be played, and no one could blame them. But he hasn’t taken to the media or other mediums to articulate any misguided blame. Maybe one of his predecessors would have reacted differently, those of us that recall the relationship between Troy Calhoun and Dave Christiansen, but in this instance, I can appreciate how the misfortune was handled.

I don’t bring this up not to sling dirt at Jeff Monken or Army, but to give due credit to Bohl and Wyoming. This is a team that has a very good intra-conference rivalry with Air Force, which has historically been pretty evenly split between the two programs. The Falcon’s win percent versus is Wyoming is just .526, compare that to their percent versus Army which is a hair under .700, and you can see why one program would be confident in their chances.

For the sake and safety of all involved, I hope this is the last column I have to discuss a cancellation. Perhaps we will even have the opportunity to preview an anticipated completion of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy if somehow a date and requisite details to play can be agreed upon. Maybe the Independence Bowl can accommodate?  I certainly hope so.



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