San Diego State Football: First Look at the Revised 2020 Schedule

San Diego State Football: First Look at the Revised 2020 Schedule

San Diego State

San Diego State Football: First Look at the Revised 2020 Schedule


San Diego State Football: First Look at the Revised 2020 Schedule

Aztec football will finally start soon

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Well, it looks like we have a season.

San Diego State football is back by the end of the month…just not in San Diego. Caught between the Mountain West suspending play and restarting, the university green-lit a plan to demolish the existing Qualcomm/SDCCU stadium by the end of October to ensure the new stadium is ready for football by Fall 2022. So now there’s another San Diego team that will temporarily play in a stadium on the property of Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Looking at the shortened 8-game season for the Aztecs without a sky show, no Sacramento State, no Pac-12 matchup, no Tulsa is not as thrilling as it would have been. It’s Mountain West football and the Aztecs won’t fly further east than Utah and won’t travel more north than Reno, NV.

With an 8-game season on the books, the Aztecs are looking good to finish in the top two atop the mountain.

2020 Football Schedule


Oct 31 @ Utah State


Nov 14 HOME Hawaii

Nov 21 @ Nevada

Nov 28 @Fresno State

Dec 5 HOME Colorado State

Dec12 @ BYU

Biggest takeaways

How does this team look like on a neutral field?

Mountain West Wire has continually noted Brady Hoke coming back to coach in 2020, putting a bunch of question marks on the offensive side of the ball. When we factor in playing at what is a neutral site in reality, how does the team perform? Coming into this season, Brady Hoke checked a bunch of boxes when it came to maintaining the continuity of the program. These guys are going to bus it 3 hours every Saturday to play on Saturday night in LA. How does that affect a bunch of college kids?

Away stretch against Nevada and Fresno State

Going back-to-back with a short season and no bye weeks might be a tough ask when it comes to injuries. Basing off of the number of key injuries in the NFL and their decision to go straight into the regular season without a preseason, it looks like the bodies of the athletes are likely to take longer to heal. Key position injuries have been an issue for the Aztecs, and by the time we get into the mid-season of the year, who comes away injury-free for the remaining season?

BYU rescheduled

The Aztecs originally scheduled the backend of the home-and-home for November 24, and to fill out both of their modified schedules the powers that be were able to get it back on the calendar. The Aztecs close the season out against a BYU team that has been a top 25 team and also has played since college football’s Week 1. By the time BYU closes their season out, the Cougars would have played two more games than the Aztecs and haven’t left the Mountain time zone since October 16. By December, the Aztecs will definitely be banged up, and like the previous point, what does that mean for the Aztecs against BYU?

Getting BYU at the end, might be their super bowl.


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