Wyoming to play multiple quarterbacks this season

Wyoming to play multiple quarterbacks this season

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Wyoming to play multiple quarterbacks this season


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Wyoming to play multiple quarterbacks this season

Chambers and Williams will each see the field.

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Will a two-QB system work?

The University of Wyoming may see two players getting time under center this season. Sophomore Sean Chambers and redshirt freshman Levi Williams are currently taking turns running the offense and both could see potential play time this fall.

Chambers, who has started multiple games the past two (injury shortened) seasons ans has shown that he can play the position successfully. He has thrown for 1,181 yards, and rushed for another 896 in 12 games between the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Williams, who was able to retain his redshirt status by playing in fewer than five games, played in three last season in relief of an injured Chambers. He threw for 343 yards, and compiled 181 more on the ground.

According to reports from camp, both quarterbacks have thrown the ball well this off-season. With a renewed interest in having a multidimensional offense, passing the ball will be a big factor in what the team looks like this year.

Chambers has proven himself capable of leading a winning team, his record as a starter is 9-2, while Williams has been able to close the gap between the two by putting up impressive performances in camp.

With both quarterbacks performing so well, coaches were left with a problem, albeit a good one, of having to decide between two potential starting quarterbacks for the season. Should they stick with the dual threat Chambers, or give Williams, and his arm strength, the nod?

Coaches seem to have found an answer that should alleviate those concerns, that answer? Play both.

“I think that’s where we’re at unless something changes,” said head coach Craig Bohl, via zoom, to members of the media on Wednesday night.

“They’ve both shown the ability to make plays, and I do know when you do know you’re going to enter the game whether you’re going to play a minimal number of reps or a significant number of reps, that has an impact on your mentality during practice and your preparation. You go to bed on Friday night, you know you’re going to get into the game as opposed to the backup guy walking around with a ball cap,” Bohl further explained.

This approach would be something that Wyoming hasn’t seen yet in the Craig Bohl era, but it could open up the offense to suit both QB’s strengths. Chambers, and the threat that he poses with his legs, is still a threat to run, while Williams’ arm talent allow for the offense to go down field more than they have in the past.

Wyoming has always had a potent running attack under Brent Vigen and Bohl, but with this new look to the offense Wyoming could return to a similar offense as when Josh Allen and Brian Hill were on the team. Hill and Allen were a perfect combo for each other, Hill’s overpowering running attack allowed the passing game of Allen to be what it was.

Now, with a steady rushing game of Xazavian Valladay and Chambers, coupled with Chambers and Williams’ arm strength, it could lead to an offense that puts up some dazzling numbers, and a good compliment to a defense that many expect to still be potent.

While Bohl has yet to name a starter for the Oct. 24th season opener at Nevada, this revelation of what the offense will look like this fall is a hopeful glimpse into an offense that finally takes off the training wheels, and allows them to move the ball. Advertisement


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