Hoops: The Pac-12 Is In, What Matchups Can We Expect Come Nov. 25th?

Hoops: The Pac-12 Is In, What Matchups Can We Expect Come Nov. 25th?

Mountain West Basketball

Hoops: The Pac-12 Is In, What Matchups Can We Expect Come Nov. 25th?


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Hoops: The Pac-12 Is In, What Matchups Can We Expect Come Nov. 25th?

The Mountain West now has access to some higher profile opponents again, here are some games unaffected by the NCAA’s official start date.

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The Pac-12’s decision to resume fall and winter sports in line with the NCAA’s Nov. 25th start date is good news for the Mountain West. 

The last couple of months have been an information avalanche with updates, postponements & perceptually abrupt decisions made around the country. Some conferences decided football’s fate back in July, while others looked a global pandemic head and and never waivered, but still to say things were and still are uncertain is an understatement.

It’s hasn’t even been two weeks since an official decision was made by NCAA stakeholders to one, have a college basketball season and two, decide when it would take place. In short, those decisions were yes and on Nov. 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. Still, the good news has sent coaches, Athletic Directors, University Presidents and event staff all scrambling at once to try and make this thing work.

So in a couple of weeks time, there has been a flood of information coming our way. Updates surrounding games effectively cancelled or moved prior to the Nov. 25th start date, as well as updates on what will become the bread and butter of college basketball this season, multi-team events.

In a sport where bubbles aren’t accessible for all 357 teams, it appears MTEs will take their place, at least as things begin to take off. Though as of today, we are seeing some MTE’s pay-to-play models won’t stand in an uncertain financial storm colleges are experiencing this fall.

So as we do our best to keep Twitter open in the background, here are some matchups that appear to be taking place on or after November 25th. Keep in mind, news is coming out on the hour regarding the relocation and rescheduling of games, as we begin to sift through the bombarding scheduling updates looking for Mountain West schools, we will share that news. Below are some games that have been officially updated over the last couple of weeks.

San Diego State

At Arizona State on Dec. 10th, 2020

A possible rematch against Arizona State in the Diamond Head Classic, originally scheduled for late December.


A possible matchup against Stanford in the Maui Invitational, which recently announced to take place from Nov. 30 – Dec. 2 in Ashville, North Carolina. 


A road game against Arizona was scheduled to take place on Nov. 20th, though an effort to reschedule will take place, if the game cannot be rescheduled the contract would be terminated per, the Casper Star Tribune.

So, as we continue on and continually check back on non-conference schedule updates while running into things like this. Check back, we are doing our best to get the full scope of what Mountain West basketball will look like in 2020-2021.

A huge shout out to the D1 Docket and Blogging the Bracket for staying on top of all of the updates and doing the peoples work.


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