Preview: Air Force vs. Navy Simulation

Preview: Air Force vs. Navy Simulation

Air Force

Preview: Air Force vs. Navy Simulation


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An Air Force vs. Navy Preview

Simulating the First Leg of the CiC Trophy

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Gameplay Details

Platform: PS3

When: Saturday, September 26 at 4 p.m. MT

How: 100% Computer Simulated Gameplay

Air Force Overall Team Rating: 74

Navy Overall Team Rating: 72

Simulating the Game

With the updated 2020 rosters with player ratings out now for EA Sports last installment of the NCAA Football (14) franchise, we are going to run a simulation of the Air Force versus Navy game which is slated for October 3rd. This will be a full computer simulation, so no user play or manipulation will be involved.

Each team will be equipped with their  respective playbooks on offense and defense, and the simulation will be played on the Heisman difficulty setting. Navy has already issue two depth charts, so there is plenty of clarity on their starting lineup. The Falcons on the other hand, have not issued any type of update to their lineup post spring, so as much detail as discoverable was used to comprise their starting lineup.

Keeping in mind, everything covered in this preview is reflective of the influence player ratings have on the outcome of the game. So even though there may some unknowns or wildcards that are revealed in their matchup on October 3rd, the spirit of this is rooted in the player attribute and overall ratings.

Check back on Saturday to see the results!



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