What I’ll miss about San Diego State Football

What I’ll miss about San Diego State Football

San Diego State

What I’ll miss about San Diego State Football


What I’ll miss about San Diego State Football

Aztec football should be starting soon, but it’s not.

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It’s September and there’s no Aztec football.

The calendar changed to September and the Aztecs should be getting their roster in shape for Sacramento State this coming this Saturday. Here we are on a Tuesday, pining over a season not happening in the fall, but maybe in the Spring.

In 2020, time has stretched and thinned at the same time, and with college football, we lose the marking time of fall. It’s easy to think about non-conference opponents facing off in September, then Mountain West play in October, and by the time Thanksgiving wraps up, we’re staring at championship-clinching scenarios for Aztec football. It’s hard to keep track of seasons in San Diego, but fall football reminded us all of what seasons are supposed to feel like.

Now with the possibility of spring football, the schedule looks lackluster without games against UCLA, Toledo, and maybe BYU. I’m not advocating the idea of an undefeated Mountain West season, but excitement isn’t the word when it comes to opponents like San Jose or UNLV.

I was really wondering what this team would look like under the second tenure of Brady Hoke. I wasn’t sold on the continuity play, because Hoke’s career peaked almost 10 years ago at the same university. Nothing went right for Hoke until he came back to San Diego a few years ago as a position coach.

I haven’t been inside SDCCU stadium for almost two years, but the upside to a Saturday away from Mission Valley is blocking out an evening for Aztec football. Despite having a horrible time slot for the national audience, it’s a nice treat to have for west coasters.

Saturdays will feel weird without college football from 9 a.m. until midnight. More than other things I’ll miss the way Saturday’s used to be, and how the Aztecs used to fit.


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