Options For A Spring College Football Season

Options For A Spring College Football Season

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Options For A Spring College Football Season


Once A Month Games

This one is pretty straight forward where teams play once a month. From January to April, so each team gets one game. This is similar to the seven-game schedule but more time in between and very little contact since this is not anywhere close to a full season.

To make this interesting the Mountain West could do a made-for-TV event and do a schedule draft. Coaches really hate giving bulletin board material but this idea would create so much it would be great.

The way this could work and be interesting would be for a random order and do a snake-style draft, similar to a traditional fantasy football. There would be ping pong balls or some randomizer to make the picks, however, to make things juicy, teams will be able to veto two choices but if they veto they go to the end of the round and get whatever team is left. The draft order does not change for the following rounds.

Also, any given school could only veto the same opponent one time, so if a team has vetoed a school and they come back up again on the schedule they still have to play them even with a veto in their back pocket.

This would provide some real drama and new heat between teams if there is a veto and then things would get really interesting if those teams actually have to play each other.

Also, with games once a month the schedule could be set up to have games basically every weekend in the winter and spring months.



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