Options For A Spring College Football Season

Options For A Spring College Football Season

Air Force

Options For A Spring College Football Season


Mountain West Vegas Bubble

There are enough hotel rooms in Las Vegas and this also would take some help from the Las Vegas Raiders. Create a two-week season with two games a day Monday through Saturday.

Imagine having Mountain West football do a doubleheader at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. PT through the week. One game on CBS Sports Network and one game on FS1 and maybe the Saturday games on CBS and FOX.

This would have these athletes miss minimal class time with this being a two-week season and it would allow for the teams to bubble in the many hotels in Las Vegas and be able to be by themselves.

Playing two games is not ideal at all and this would be in a scenario in which COVID-19 is still causing issues, but with this being just being about a three-week total endeavor — one week to quarantine and practice — the dates could be flexible for when games can be played. If things improve perhaps fans could come to town and watch their team.

To create a schedule we could go with two rivals but that is for another scenario. The preseason media preseason poll could pit the placement of each division to play each other for the second week of games.

For example, this slate of games would be.

  • No. 1 Boise State vs. San Diego State
  • No. 2 Wyoming vs. Nevada
  • No. 3 Air Force vs. Wyoming
  • No. 4 Utah State vs. Fresno State
  • No. 5 Colorado State vs. San Jose State
  • No. 6 New Mexico vs. UNLV

The first week could be some random draw as long as it is not a repeat for the second week.

This also would give plenty of time for the NFL workouts, combine, All-Star bowl games and the NFL Draft.



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