Options For A Spring College Football Season

Options For A Spring College Football Season

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Options For A Spring College Football Season


Condensed Season

This follows the Jeff Brohm plan for the Mountain West but with a seven-game schedule with five division games and then match up the order of finish between Mountain and West teams.

So, first place from each division down to sixth would play each other for one more game and determine a conference championship, and then go down second place vs. second and so on for that one final game.

This plan would mean that the athletes would have to be on campus and contained with enough testing but that can be very costly for these Mountain West teams.


To help reduce costs with testing perhaps spreading out the games out and play them every other week to allow for recovery time and/or quarantine if players test positive. A seven-game season could be played starting on Jan. 26 and finish April. 17. Perhaps do some Thursday or Friday games to extend the playing window out between games.

This would be enough games to satisfy for a season and with spreading games out players can recover more and combined that with limited padded practices anyways it could help limit all the grind of playing football.

The NFL would need to help out a bit for the combine and the post-season All-Star games, plus the NFL Draft. Those are all moveable and it would benefit them as well to see live game action for the prospects that are NFL-worthy.

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