Power 5 Discussing Not Playing College Football

Power 5 Discussing Not Playing College Football

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Power 5 Discussing Not Playing College Football


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Power 5 Discussing Not Playing College Football

A Sunday meeting could lead to no college football.

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Will there be a sport to play this fall?

Normally at this time of year, we all would be previewing teams, position groups and counting down the days before the start to the college football season.

Now, there is so much uncertainty with games be canceled which include the MAC not playing football this fall.

The Power 5 league commissioners met on Sunday night to discuss the future of the upcoming season and the views were very much pessimistic in nature about the fall season.

Even before the meeting there was the real possibility of the season not even getting off the ground.

During the meeting, it is reported that the Power 5 leagues all want to be on the same page about the upcoming college football season will look like.

“It doesn’t look good,” one Power 5 athletic director said.

“My view is if we change course, we better be able to articulate the reason for doing so to our student-athletes,” he told ESPN.

The most telling quote comes from West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons, who is the chair of the Football Oversight Committee who shays there is no current talks of what to do if there is no season.

“No one has talked about a plan if the season is canceled,” Lyons told ESPN. “If it’s canceled, we need to be able to give clear direction at that time, as opposed to saying, ‘We don’t know.'”

Some were calling this meeting an emergency but according to The Athletic, this Power 5 commissioner meeting was planned. However, it can still mean those same topics are being discussed.

The Big Ten has been at the forefront of not playing football this fall and that still very much a possibility, but the league is also looking at a spring league in 2021.

There are plenty of issues with a spring football league as the recovery time and conflict of preparing for the NFL Draft stands in the way of a fully-fledged season during that time.



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