Former Wyoming QB Josh Allen to face NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes in throwing contest

Former Wyoming QB Josh Allen to face NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes in throwing contest

Josh Allen

Former Wyoming QB Josh Allen to face NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes in throwing contest


Former Wyoming QB Josh Allen to face NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes in throwing contest

Allen vs. Mahomes.

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Good old QB battle

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, the first and second most powerful arms in the NFL (according to rankings from EA Sports), have agreed to compete in a “throw off” to finally answer the age-old question, who has the strongest arm in the NFL?

Allen, who spent his college years in Laramie, Wyoming, is currently the highest-ranked quarterback, in terms of arm strength, on EA sports annual Madden video game with a 99 overall arm strength rating. Mahomes is second with a 97.

Talks of a long throw contest between the two gunslingers have been circulating since February 1, 2019, when the Bills quarterback was on Barstool Sports radio show The Yak.

Co-host pft commenter asked Allen if he would be open to a possible match between himself and Mahomes to finally settle the matter once and for all. Mahomes was quick to respond, tweeting “who is hosting this event?”

A contest between the two was reportedly put on temporary hold as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, but it appears that details are slowly emerging about a possible contest taking place in the near future.

Allen, in an interview with NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, stated that not only is he interested in a match between Mahomes but that the two were in conversation about planning one for a future date.

In the 18 months since the idea of a contest was first brought up a lot has changed in each quarterbacks life.

Allen has cemented himself as a rising star in the NFL. Building upon each season he’s played and has helped turn the once lowly Buffalo Bills into a playoff contender. While Mahomes has, arguably, become the face of professional football, with an MVP, Super Bowl championship, and the largest contract in NFL history.

Both quarterbacks have exceptional arm strength. Mahomes has had throws measure at 75 yards through the air, while Allen was clocked in at 62 mph at the NFL combine.

Mahomes is confident in his abilities, saying that while he doesn’t doubt Allen’s ability to throw, he has yet to see anyone out throw him. He has put the yards needed to best him between 80-85 yards.

A contest between the two would be a throwback to the quarterback skills competition that took place during Pro Bowl week in the late 1990s.

In these contests NFL quarterbacks showcased their skills, culminating in a long throw contest. Brett Favre won two of these contests in 1997 and 1998 with throws of 75 and 74 yards respectively.

If Mahomes is correct in his thinking, it will take nearly 10 yards further than one of pro football’s strongest arms ever to win the contest.

Currently, Mahomes is the favorite to win the furthest ball thrown in the contest.

Mahomes (-140)

Allen (+110)

While Allen is projected to win fastest throw.

Allen (-130)

Mahomes (+100)

Regardless of the outcome, it will be a fun competition and a great way for Allen to show the world his arm strength that made him a University of Wyoming legend.


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