Mountain West Athletes Come Together For COVID-19 Protections In #MWUnited Letter

Mountain West Athletes Come Together For COVID-19 Protections In #MWUnited Letter

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Mountain West Athletes Come Together For COVID-19 Protections In #MWUnited Letter


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Mountain West Athletes Come Together For COVID-19 Protections In #MWUnited Letter

Players unit for some requests

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Mountain West becomes third league to unite

The Mountain West joins the Pac-12 and Big Ten to unify as players with a list of requests they want to have done for the 2020 season during COVID-19.

Saying these are demands are a bit strong but what the Mountain West players are wanting precautions and protections if parts of the season are lost do to COVID-19.

There are many players that have signed on to the #MWUnited cause and below are just a few.

As for what the players are asking for are really reasonable and common sense in three categtories.

Testing, Prevention, and Safety

  • Athletes will receive COVID-19 tests every week and 72 hours before a game.
  • Staff, coaches, trainfers, and anyone in contact with athletes needs to be tested weekly.
  • Strict cleaning protocols that follow CDC guidelines.
  • Contracat tracing according to CDC.
  • Accomidations and safety standards for alternative outdoor facilities to adhere with social-distancing guidelines.

Eligibility and Scholarship

  • Athletes who choose to opt-out due to COVID-19 concerns will receiver a hardship waiver to grant them an additional year of eligibility regardless of athlete’s timeline on the five-year clock.
  • Athletes who contract COVID-19 during the season, and miss more than 30 percent of competition will receive a hardship waiver for an extra year of eligibility no matter where they are within the five-year clock.
  • If 50 percent of the scheduled season is canceled then all athletes will gain an extra year of eligibility.
  • Preserve scholarships and benefits and roster spot for athletes who are granted a hardship waiver due to COVID-19.

Player Assurances

  • Ban and void all COVID-19 waivers.
  • Ensure coverage for all out of pocket medical expenses related to COVID-19 incurred by athletes five years after eligibility is over.
  • Whistleblower protection for athletes and staff who report suspected violations of COVID-19 safety protocols.

These are all very reasonable asks for the players toward the league. The eligibility could be an issue due to scholarship limits and costs but that is a small price the school can pay to ensure these Mountain West athletes get the full college athletic experience.

The whistleblower protection is extremely important and that might have something to do with Colorado State looking into possible wrongdoings on campus or the complaints Hawaii football players had about testing a few weeks ago.

Next, we will see what the Mountain West higher ups decide to do with what these athletes are asking for.

The Mountain West did respond with this statement.

The Mountain West has become aware this evening of a social media posting from #MWUnited.  As outlined in yesterday’s announcement by the MW Board of Directors, the Mountain West’s revised fall sports plan will align with the requirements set forth by the NCAA Board of Governors.  In addition, the MW continues to develop comprehensive testing and reporting procedures, building on the NCAA Resocialization of College Sport: Developing Standards for Practice and Competition.

As a result, nearly all of the issues which have been raised are already being addressed.  Additional clarity will be provided via upcoming decisions of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors on August 14 and August 21, as well as on-going efforts by multiple groups within the Mountain West governance structure.  The Mountain West and its member institutions value the input of our most important constituents, our student-athletes, and look forward to continued communication with our long-standing MW Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.



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