Daily Hike: Top 10 Mountain West Hoops Coaches Since 2000

Daily Hike: Top 10 Mountain West Hoops Coaches Since 2000

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Daily Hike: Top 10 Mountain West Hoops Coaches Since 2000


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Daily Hike: Top 10 Mountain West Hoops Coaches Since 2000

Catch up on the latest Mountain West news you may have missed.

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Ten best from this century.

Who are the best Mountain West coaches since 2000? [Busting Brackets]

Over the past 20 years, the Mountain West has had a lot of good college basketball coaches and Busting Brackets rank those best coaches. We won’t give away the list but two of the most surprising rankings are former Utah head coach Rick Majerus at No. 8 and Rodney Terry came in at No. 10 after a seven-year run at Fresno State.

NCAA president Mark Emmert is optimistic about college football and hoops could be starting early. [Salt Lake Tribune]

“I certainly think, sitting here today, there will be football in the fall,” Emmert said. “I think it will be different in many respects, whether it be the audiences in attendance or not in attendance, whether it’s the nature of the schedule, whether it’s the length of the season, all of those things will be different. Certainly, the protocol in the way the games are played and the healthcare surrounding that has got to be different.”

Could top-end basketball talent start heading to HBCU? [ESPN]

“All it takes is one person to change history,” Carmelo Anthony said. “I think it’s a better chance of this new generation, this next generation, to go to a HBCU and be accepted and bring something different to a HBCU, as opposed to what was happening in 2002.”

Wyoming doing great in COVID testing [Twitter]

Wear your dang mask. [Twitter]

It is time to move college football to the spring [MW Wire]

With positive tests across the country increasing and college football less than two months away, perhaps we need to push the season back and possibly to the winter/spring. This would allow more time to figure out how to prepare for football, have fans, and maybe there is a vaccine that will allow fans and a safer game.

NCAA still wary of Name, Image, and Likeness [Sports Illustrated]

U.S. Congress is getting involved in NIL for NCAA athletes but a questionnaire sent out detailed that those in charge feel it will negatively impact the student-athletes. Sure, ok… but here is a snippet below.

“Less than half of surveyed NCAA leaders support the modernization of rules governing name, image and likeness (NIL), and more than 80% believe that NIL rules will have a negative impact on amateurism.”


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