Green Bay To Use Jordan Love Like Taysom Hill?

Green Bay To Use Jordan Love Like Taysom Hill?

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Green Bay To Use Jordan Love Like Taysom Hill?


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Green Bay To Use Jordan Love Like Taysom Hill?

Will the former Aggie be a catch-all player in the pros?

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Brett Favre wants Packers to use Love creatively

Former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love was a first-round pick for the Green Bay Packers, and when a quarterback is taken that early the teams want them on the field.

Well, the Packers still have Aaron Rodgers who is still performing at a high level so the odds of seeing Love seem slim. However, Green Bay’s offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett seems to be open to playing Love, in the right scenario.

“I think everything’s still so early to tell,” Hackett said. “Haven’t even really gotten to sit in a meeting room at Lambeau. I haven’t gotten to talk with him much or work face to face. I think there’s so much yet to be seen. You never know. Anything can happen.”

That seems a lot like coach speech because, yes, anything an happen. However, when a player no longer on the team they can say what they really think. That is where Hall of Fame and former Pack great Brett Favre comes in.

He thinks that the Packers should use Love like the New Orleans Saints do with Taysom Hill.

“I think there are ways to incorporate [Love], much like Taysom Hill with the Saints,” said Favre during an interview with TMZ Sports. “Use him as a halfback, halfback pass, but occasionally let him run it. Just to show you’ll do that. Something like that.”

There is no indication that the Packers want to use Love like Hill as the latter ran the ball, played wide receiver, tight end, and was on special teams. It seems like Favre is falling into the trap of doing what the NFL does best is copying other teams’ success.

Love is fairly athletic but in his three years as a starter at Utah State, he rushed for 403 yards and nine touchdowns. So, it is not like he is this dual-threat quarterback who ran the ball a lot while with the Aggies.

The potential copying of Hill is not exclusive to Love as the Philadelphia Eagles of wanting to use its rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts in a similar role as Hill is with the Saints.

NFL offenses are being more creative in getting their best players on the field and maybe Love will see a few plays here and there but the odds of him getting a package like Hill seem slime.

Favre is just looking to get his name out there with his interview with TMZ Sports.

Look for what coaches say like, Love’s coach Hackett who said he wants to win and play Rogers if he is up to his ability.

“The future is something that might be in the back of our mind, but we always live in the moment,” Hackett said. “That’s usually how we’re all judged. But at the same time, anything can happen at any moment within a game, that’s what makes the same so much fun.

“So you’ve got to prepare everybody like they’re a starter and they’ve got to go in there and play. So it’s about winning. It’s about Aaron Rodgers going out there and winning a football game and then Jordan’s going to just have to continually learn and continue to be a good sponge.”

Never say never and Love is really one play away from getting in the game but lean toward what the Packers did over 15 years ago when they drafted Rodgers in the first round yet still had Favre in his prime for a few more years.


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