NCAA Has Six-Week Plan For Returning To Football

NCAA Has Six-Week Plan For Returning To Football

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NCAA Has Six-Week Plan For Returning To Football


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Six-week plan is taking place.

Lyle was seen in a boot during the New Mexico Football Game on Saturday

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If approved, college football could be back.

UPDATE: This has been approved and teams can start fall camp 29 days before the start of their first game. Plus, the other items listed below.

Schools from across the NCAA, plus the Mountain West, are slowly returning to campuses for voluntary workouts through June and July. That is the first step in making sure college football is going to return as normal, but the big picture of getting players in shape was said to be six weeks.

The NCAA is close to approving a plan that will allow for a six-week restart period for college football.

“We’re 90 percent there,” Shane Lyons, the West Virginia athletic director and chair of the Oversight Committee, told Sports Illustrated.

This is great news and it shows that there is a plan to start the college football season on times, but fans in attendance are a big question mark.

Teams can begin fall camp 29 days before the season begins. For those Mountain West teams that have a Week 0 game which includes Hawaii, UNLV, New Mexico, and Nevada, that means they can start practices on July 31 for fall camp.

However, players and coaches meet two weeks before fall camp, on a limited basis. The breakdown is eight hours a week of training, one hour a day of walk-through, and one hour per day of meetings.

This is the plan in place but it is not sure. What can derail this plan is if there is a spike of players who test positive for COVID-19. There have been some campuses re-open with positives tests from players coming back and working out.

What will determine next is how these schools care for those players and others. Those players who got sick and others nearby will be quarantined for two weeks as is the protocol. The amount per school, so far, has not been all that high which is a positive thing. Constant testing and keeping safe and things clean will determine if the college football season will start on time.

Also, what could derail this plan is if COVID-19 cases spike in the city and state of these schools. So, it is more than having these athletes safe but those in the surrounding area need to do their best to keep positive tests to a minimum.

All signs point to being on track but we are going through a week-by-week process for getting college sports back.


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