Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season

Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season

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Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season


The rest of the teams out from the Mountain West and Pac-12 would play in the spring with the hopes that those student-athletes could play some sort of a season among the California schools.

There would be eight teams in this new set up. Plus, to get more than seven games, some non-conference games could go up against the FCS schools in the state to try to get to 10 games.

California + Hawaii

  • California
  • Fresno State
  • Hawaii
  • San Jose State
  • San Diego State
  • Stanford
  • UCLA
  • USC

This would be an interesting set up out West but it would provide high-quality football out West in the spring and still give these athletes a chance to play.

To add more games there are four FCS programs that could play some of these games. Having these FCS teams join for a slate of eight FBS teams would not be fair to them or the school.

  • Cal Poly
  • Sacramento State
  • UC Davis
  • San Diego

To allow these FBS teams to play nine games they obviously would need to play two against these FCS teams. That would mean these lower-division programs would play four FBS games each, which is still a lot for them.

There also should be title time against the top two teams to allow them to play 10 games.

An alternate idea to get to 12 games is to have the Mountain West and Pac-12 teams play each other twice. So, six games vs. the same conference, three against the other conference, and then two FCS games.

For a title game, it could possibly be a Mountain West vs. Pac-12 matchup which could limit on a rematch, or going with best conference record overall for the top two teams overall.

These ideas do not seem all that far fetched but it will take a lot of compromise from the conferences, non-conference games that are not included, and also television networks to all come together on the same page to host a semi-normal college football season.

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