Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season

Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season

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Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season


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Mountain West, Pac-12 Should Combine For A Football Season

Uncertain times call for creativity.

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If California can’t play now, let’s make a trade.

Any and all topics regarding how and when college football will be played are all over the place. With that, there have been a lot of creative ideas like swapping games, conference only seasons, or even a condensed season.

This latest idea is a pretty big one and probably one that will never go through but it will certainly be fun to think about.

Right now, California schools are in flux about what campus-life will look like in a few months. That means football may not happen or happen in a very different format.

We are here to help out and create a one of a kind 2020-21 college football season out West. The big picture would be to split up the California schools plus Hawaii into one league and the rest of the non-California schools from the Mountain West and Pac-12 in a league.

It would be for one year and would be very interesting. Hawaii would be included with the California schools because right now they have a mandatory 14-day quarantine for those who come to the islands. That would make it tough to play college football.

With this setup, the California plus Hawaii model would be a spring football league.

The other would just be the schools that are not in California play a season against each other for a 12-game season.

Non-California Conference

Pac-12 Mountain West
Arizona Air Force
Arizona State Boise State
Colorado Colorado State
Oregon Nevada
Oregon State New Mexico
Utah Utah State
Washington UNLV
Washington State Wyoming

With there being eight teams from the Mountain West and eight from the Pac-12 so those could be divisions with each conference. This would provide a two-division setup that would look and act like each of their own conferences and do five crossover games to get to a 12-game schedule and then a championship game.

To keep things as similar as possible we can keep games that are already on the books. Then for the rest, the attempt would be to schedule games that are regional or close games.

This set up really favors Mountain West teams to get five Power 5 teams on the schedule as compared to the Pac-12 playing five teams from the Group of Five. Desperate times mean that compromising would be on the table.

Plus, having this set up would bring back some old WAC and Mountain West matchups with Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State playing rivals from years and years ago.

It would be a fun setup and a way to have a semi-normal college football season in the fall.

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