2020 NFL Draft Profile: Boise State DL David Moa

2020 NFL Draft Profile: Boise State DL David Moa

Boise State

2020 NFL Draft Profile: Boise State DL David Moa


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2020 NFL Draft Profile: Boise State DL David Moa

Will a team take a chance on Moa?

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Boise State nose tackle David Moa’s career lasted six years and was full of high level success including All-Conference awards to needing a medical redshirt due to an achilles injury.

There has been some sort of myth quality to Moa as he has shown great ability but missed time for a variety of reasons. His ’18 injury saw him fully recover and come back in 2019 which was his best year with 37 tackles, 6.5 tackles, and a sack.

That is good news that Moa was able to return from an injury to have his best year in college.

Moa spoke with CardsWire recently and describes his mentality of being able to make plays on short-yardage situation as a reason to take a chance on him.

“One thing I do have that I think separates me from some of the defensive tackles in this year’s draft is that 4th-and-1 mentality,” Moa said. “No team in the nation was put in as many 4th-and-1 situations, and we had the most 4th-and-1 stops. I believe that’s something I have and I know some teams can use that mentality. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1st-and-10 or 3rd-and-12, I’m always going to have that mentality to get things done and do my job the best I can do.”


The foot injury is a concern and will be seen as a red flag but his return that led to an all-conference nod should put away most of those concerns. Playing for Boise State is always a strength as the school sends a number of players to the NFL and they have earned some respect in that area, even with end of draft type players.

He has multiple moves to get pass defenders which include a nice swim move he has to get past opposing centers. He also has a good base and can’t just get pushed over and knocked around from opposing centers which is good since Moa is an undersized nose guard.


It all comes back to injuries and his size. Even with a clean bill of health and a year playing on an injuries achilles, teams will still have caution with Moa at the NFL level.

Some of the concerns seem pretty eye-opening and here is what The Draft Network has to say about Moa:

Uninspiring athlete who lacks length, agility, and explosiveness. Stubby at the point of attack and accordingly struggles to generate power rushes, which may also be a consequence of a bit of a tweener frame/lack of size…

There is some power there, but lack of length and average first step weaken bull rush profile. Washed by double teams regularly and has a poor tackle radius given inability to keep pads clean.

Yikes, that is not a great scouting report looking at his negatives. Moa has overcome a lot of adversities and this just might be another one.

Draft Projections

Moa himself feels he could be selected in the sixth-round range and that might be a bit optimistic, but he should get picked up at worst by a team post-draft.


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