Will Boise State, Mountain West Rift Bring On More Realignment?

Will Boise State, Mountain West Rift Bring On More Realignment?

Boise State

Will Boise State, Mountain West Rift Bring On More Realignment?


Will Boise State, Mountain West Rift Bring On More Realignment?

What options to Boise State and Mountain West have if it comes to splitting up?

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Boise State and Mountain West are currently in a riff over television money with Craig Thompson saying in a teleconference that this might, just maybe, or definitely will be the last time the Broncos get additional media rights money.

With things influx let’s take a look at what could happen if there is a breakup with a handful of realignment options from both sides.

Boise State and Mountain West make up:

This would be the easiest and least messy situation, but how would it look? The argument will be about if Boise State deserves the extra revenue they are getting.

There can be arguments for both sides as the Broncos winning prowess with top 20 rankings have rarely showed up for them in the conference. The bigger argument could be about the brand of Boise State that is still the tops in the league.

They are still winning and being in contention for New Year’s Six bowl games but they are just not doing so at the same clip. So, what does the league value brand over high-level of winning?

To reconcile what is going on it probably would mean that this deal between the two might need to go on in perpetuity with a similar deal for the Broncos. This could make the most sense because the deal overall that the Mountain West has would take a dip as well and hurt the league overall in the revenue it gets.

Boise State to AAC in football only:

The Broncos brass have no issue with going East for football-only as the school nearly did so a decade ago. The AAC does have an open slot for football with UConn getting the boot and just 11 football members.

The Broncos could make an even 12 and be in the West Division with the closest road games to Houston or SMU. The AAC is already so spread out it is not a big deal for either side. Boise State would have four to five road games across the country.

The big question is their non-revenue sports which would not be welcomed in the Mountain West. They could go back to the WAC but that conference is so much different than what it was when it left. They could consider going to the Big Sky which has 11 basketball schools and that would pair Boise State up with in-state foe Idaho. The Big West is an option as well but that league is considered a bus league, plus it also includes Hawaii for non-football sports.

Super AAC

Part two of joining the AAC could try to convince San Diego State and Air Force to join Boise State to make a more true Western Division to get to 14 teams. That would still cause some issues with the non-revenue sports but the Aztecs had a former deal in the Big West so maybe they land there and Air Force and Boise State go to the WAC?


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