Jordan Love Being Compared To Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Jordan Love Being Compared To Super Bowl Quarterbacks

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Jordan Love Being Compared To Super Bowl Quarterbacks


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Jordan Love Being Compared To Super Bowl Quarterbacks

Scouts say Love has a lot of potential.

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Love is getting high praise

During Senior Bowl practices this past week former Utah State quarterback Jordan Love earned a lot of praise, including being named one of the top players of the week.

During one particular session, ESPN’s Todd McShay was giving some high praise to Love. The comparison was interesting because it had to do with Love not playing extremely well with the number of interceptions he has had on the year and being inconsistent.

However, the name that McShay compares Love to is current NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes who also just happened to win the MVP in 2018 and is in the Super Bowl

So, not bad company.

“He’s so talented but he’s inconsistent and it’s the same thing you see on tape. The only consistent part of his game is how inconsistent he is with his accuracy,” McShay said. “His decision making and his accuracy have got to improve.

“Those are the two most important aspects of the quarterback position. A lot of people said the same thing about Patrick Mahomes coming out of college out of Texas Tech and we’ve seen what he’s been able to do. ”


McShay also was comparing Love to current San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimm Garoppolo and feels that the former Aggie quarterback could be a great value pick if he falls in the draft.

“He’s intriguing If you’re a quarterback coach, if you’re an offensive coordinator in the NFL, you’re looking at him saying ‘we could get him later in the draft, maybe as the fourth quarterback and wind up getting an absolute steal, like a Jimmy Garoppolo.”

These are extremely high comparisons as loves 2019 was nowhere near what he achieved in 2018. A lot of what has been said about Love during Senior Bowl week is that he all he needs is a bit of better coaching for him to reach his full potential at the pro level.



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