Mountain West Basketball Transfer Game: Where Are They Now?

Mountain West Basketball Transfer Game: Where Are They Now?

Mountain West Basketball

Mountain West Basketball Transfer Game: Where Are They Now?


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Where did some of your favorite players end up? 

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What are past Mountain West Players up to this season?

College basketball’s allure comes with its many different facets and components. Things like recruiting, geographic rivalries and a tournament that produces Cinderella-like stories for underdog schools in the nooks and crannies of this great country, it’s all so great.

But there are also some things we would consider changing if left up to us, like maybe an expanded tournament field (maybe), better metrics for grading tournament teams, hardship waivers have been an issue and NCAA rulings when it comes to eligibility. Sometimes you take what you can get, but an aspect of college basketball that always comes with mixed emotions is the transferring of players. This is something that can go either way for fans as we get excited when our teams bring guys in but wish others would have stayed (for the most part).

Now guys transfer for a multitude of reasons and fans should never hold grudges against 18-24-year-old individuals who at the end of the day have the right to look for the best opportunity for themselves. Some guys get buried on the bench by increased depth, move to be closer to home or find opportunities at larger institutions where they can play against a higher level of talent on television on a weekly basis. It’s okay, and remember these things happen.

There are also coaching changes that occur in every conference across the country, which bring a level of turnover inside a program that can only be matched by corporate takeovers. Never the less if you are like me and glance at box scores, check-in on the occasional American East game, notice offers to familiar names on JUCO sites or find yourself genuinely curious asking yourself questions like, “what happened to that guy?” or “I wonder how he is doing?”, then this list is for you.

There are other former Mountain West players out their with college eligibility but this list aims at finding the guys with a nice internet trail and letting you know how they’re doing on their new team.

Things to note:

  • There may be a few transfers out there sitting out the 2019-2020 season due to transfer rules. These guys won’t be reflected here, that’s a topic for another day.
  • If a player still has college eligibility but maybe stopped playing college basketball all together or their trail ran cold, they aren’t listed below.
  • If a player is still playing but was dismissed from a team and didn’t transfer, they were also left off of this list.
  • Lastly you won’t see guys who left teams to turn pro with college eligibility still remaining either.

Now let’s get to it.


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