Mountain West Football: Top Ten Plays Of The 2019 Season

Mountain West Football: Top Ten Plays Of The 2019 Season

Air Force

Mountain West Football: Top Ten Plays Of The 2019 Season


5. Utah State’s Siaosi Mariner gets one foot down vs. Wake Forest

We weren’t sure what to expect from the Utah transfer, but he made good on a tough throw from Jordan Love with what turned out to be just his first highlight catch of the year.

4. San Jose State’s Bailey Gaither stays with it for a touchdown vs. Army

The Spartans made strides in the win column, in no small part, thanks to their exciting wide receivers. They had more than their fair share of candidates, but the level of focus required for this touchdown stood out.

3. Hawaii’s Manly Williams never gives up to seal the win vs. Arizona

The Warriors were pure fun all season long and their late-night antics gave us indelible memories from the jump, starting with this epic stop way back in Week 0.

2. Utah State’s Caleb Repp makes the catch of the year vs. Boise State

The Aggies didn’t get the revenge they’d hoped for in what turned out to be a lopsided loss to the Broncos, but tight end Caleb Repp’s effort on their first scoring drive was the kind that made you lean forward in your seat to make sure it had really happened.

The best part was that, in real time, Repp and defender Markel Reed disappeared in the broadcast’s regular angle, which made the subsequent replays that much more jaw-dropping. Yes, he really did bring that down.

1. Air Force turns the wildest tip drill you’ll ever see into a pick six vs. Hawaii

It’ll be a long time before we see something like this again. The game, a decisive 56-26 win for the Falcons over Hawaii, was just about in the books by the time Cole McDonald threw what looked for a brief moment like a run-of-the-mill red zone interception. The ball never touched the ground, however, and serendipity put Milton Bugg III in a position to do the unexpected.

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