Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019 (Part 3)

Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019 (Part 3)

Air Force

Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019 (Part 3)


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Moment #3 from 2019

The Kings of Colorado

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Were still counting down the five most memorable moments of the Falcon’s 2019 football season. In case you missed our first two installments of this five part series, check them out here  Part 1 or Part 2 .


The Claim to Colorado: Air Force 30 at Colorado 23 | Air Force 38 at Colorado State 21

During the off-season if you looked ahead at the Air Force schedule, it appeared a daunting one. On top of the Mountain Division regulars, which includes rival Colorado State and the Commander-In-Chief series opponents, the Falcons landed in state foes, in the Colorado Buffaloes for 2019.

During the Mountain West’s media days, Troy Calhoun was as quick to remark on just how difficult their schedule looked. Going as far as to say its the toughest he’s seen at the Academy.

Hyperbole? Not necessarily.

The Falcons already had difficult games against Boise State, Wyoming and Utah State built into the calendar, along with the Rams at CSU. You can always count on two prize-fights against Army and Navy each year as well. Pair all of that up with a trip to Boulder to face an NFL potential talent at quarterback, defensive line, linebacker and an elite receiver, and the schedule quickly becomes legit.

The caveat of interest built into this schedule was the Battle for Colorado though. Air Force plays Colorado State every year. The Rams play the Buffaloes each season. But with the odds of Haley’s comet, the stars aligned, and the Falcons completed the Colorado trinity by facing the Buff’s for the first time since Nixon was in office.

The Falcons season couldn’t have gotten off to a more thrilling start, trading blows with an opponent from the PAC12. They could have viewed this game as a confidence builder to stay within a score, coming off of back to back 5-7 seasons. But instead, Air Force began their validation process to show just how special this team was in 2019.

After four quarters of back and forth lead changes, the Buff’s wrestled away a 10 point lead late in the game to send it into overtime. From there, the defense did their part, fending off a talented Colorado offense, and the offense did what they did a lot of this season; score touchdowns. Like a dagger to the heart, Kade Remsberg projects across the goal line, securing victory in the first leg of the battle for Colorado.

It wasn’t until mid November that Air Force would have the opportunity to complete their sweep of the state. Between their games in Boulder and Fort Collins, the Falcons stacked up another 5  wins before lining up against the Rams. As fate would have it, that would exceed the win total for the Rams for the entire 2019 season.

Air Force entered the contest with Colorado State full of confidence, and the end result reflected it. After going down 14-0 in the first quarter, the Falcons didn’t flinch. Completely dominating the balance of the game, and outscoring the Rams 38-7 from that point on.

Make no mistake, this was not the Commander-In-Chief’s trophy. However, these are in state rivals, and all three of these teams wanted this series. Its a shame this can’t be a more regularly played trilogy, but maybe it will find a way to land on the schedule more frequently in the future.

Reflective of the season that was for Air Force, the battle for Colorado went to the best team. And in nearly every game they played this year, a similar result would yield. All Hail the Kings of Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy!

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