Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019

Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019

Air Force

Air Force Football: Top Five Moments from 2019


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Falcon Arial Assault

Waters, Sanders and Hammond have Game for the Ages

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When you put together a historical season as Air Force just did, the ride is usually composed of a lot of thrills. With the 2019 season in the books, lets take some time to reflect on some of the most memorable moments of the Falcons season.


November 23, 2019 Air Force 44 at New Mexico 22

Remember the Air Force game against New Mexico back in November, where D.J. Hammond missed that one pass? You know, the one where he literally threw a single incomplete pass!

If you missed this performance, or somehow forgot, allow me to reminisce. The Falcon ground game wasn’t their normal selves, chewing up a little more than 200 yards on the ground. Normally you might ask, what happened to their other 1/3 of rushing production?

The reality is, the firm of ‘Waters, Sanders and Hammond’ were so dominant, the normal workhorse backfield of Air Force was adjourned early. Even though Ben Waters and Geraud Sanders were the only players to catch passes this day, they tuned up the Lobo defense to the tune of 327 yards and four tuddies.

These guys along with quarterback, D.J. Hammond put up video game like numbers. Waters hauled in four passes that accounted for 171 yards and two touchdowns. Sanders on the other-hand was only able to grind out 156 yards on his five catches while matching his counterpart in touchdowns.

These two averaged 42 and 31 yards per catch respectively. If that number seems off-the-charts, it is. And much like the end of season stats supported, Sanders led the country in yards per catch. While Waters would have led the country if he had enough catches to qualify. In case your wondering, that was 700 yards and seven touchdowns on the season, which did not qualify.

Anytime you throw more touchdowns than incomplete passes, you have had a pretty special game. When you say that you threw three more touchdowns than incomplete passes, you are a liar.

Or, you were D.J. Hammond on this night. The Falcons trigger-man amassed 327 yards passing, while completing 9 out of 10 passes for four touchdowns. This was garnished well with another trip to paydirt on 41 rush yards, for a five total touchdown performance.

The numbers this offense compiled that night were impressive. But to truly appreciate this accomplishment, you have to understand that this is conventionally a run-heavy triple option offense. And even at that, the efficiency which these guys were able to surgically dismember their opponent was nothing short of spectacular.

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