The Transfer Game: Can Boise State Play Effectively?

The Transfer Game: Can Boise State Play Effectively?

Boise State

The Transfer Game: Can Boise State Play Effectively?


Looking forward

There are a total of three former top-200 ranked recruits sitting on the bench right now, one more than the program has had in the last twenty years. And though stars or ranking systems may not mean a whole lot to everyone that equates to a combined 35.5 PPG, 4,730 minutes played and 253 games played at the division one level. It’s hard to scout a high school, junior college or FIBA under-19 game and see that kind of proven production in a group of players and get all of them to come to your school in the same year. Now how you mold all of those proven players and talent into one team that you put on the court every night is another question.

It is certainly something to try and contemplate, and I’m sure Leon Rice and his staff have been thinking this over all year. But the same questions arise no matter what team or coach you are talking about in these kind of situations.

“How do you find minutes for all of those guys?”

“These guys were the stars on their past teams, how do you get them all to share the ball effectively once you have figured out a way to divide up all of those minutes?”

In recruiting sometimes promises are made, how do you manage a locker room where those promises need to be adjusted or sometimes broken in order to put W’s in the win column. It’s a lot, and it takes a certain kind of coach to start it up and keep it thriving. I for one am really looking forward to next year in Boise, we will see what path Alston Jr. takes and who else may join the Broncos. And for a program who has consistently looked at multiple avenues for bringing in talent the past decade, well see how the transfer portal favors them in 2020-21.


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