Three reasons to watch the SoFi Hawaii Bowl

Three reasons to watch the SoFi Hawaii Bowl

Bowl Season

Three reasons to watch the SoFi Hawaii Bowl


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Three reasons to watch the SoFi Hawaii Bowl

Old rivals meet up.

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Christmas Eve football

The annual bowl game in Hawaii may seem to be lackluster to some but to the rest of the teams who did not make a NY6 bowl or a bowl game at all this is the dream bowl game to attend.

Would you rather play in 23 degree snowy weather in Boise or the Bronx or play in 76 degree sunny weather in December? Scrambling to find your passport for the Bahamas or already heading towards your boarding gate to the 50th state. Here’s why you should watch this bowl game on December 24th:

A match made in Paradise

On paper this is the dream matchup the SoFi Hawaii bowl representatives hoped would come true for the attendance and a great matchup between two old WAC foes. What made it interesting before the two teams were announced is that BYU was guaranteed a slot if they were bowl eligible and not the MW or the home team Hawaii.

That made the MW teams a bit angry possibly taking away a spot from a bowl game luckily the Power 5 teams had less bowl eligible teams which gave the AAC the better bowls and left the Hawaii bowl open for Hawaii. If you’re from the western states or just want to feel nostalgia or hey just want to imagine feeling warm and being at the game then tune in to ESPN on Christmas Eve.

Off the map

Another reason to watch has got to be the high octane Hawaii Run and shoot offense that rekindled interest across the country. You can say at the beginning of the year that the ‘Bows offense was one dimensional in airing out the ball and making big plays. Now it’s becoming more balanced with the emergence of the run game particularly with Miles Reed. Reed is averaging 5.4 yards per carry and needs 109 yards to give him his first 1000 yard season of his young career.

While we know if healthy both Cole McDonald and Chevan Cordeiro can start and lead the ‘Bows to victory. We don’t know however the status of Cordeiro who did not play in the MW championship game but was suited up.

My guess if Cordeiro is still ailing an injury that McDonald will start and play throughout and keep Cordeiro healthy for spring ball and for the future of the program.

What you watching over there

There are no NFL games or NBA games on Christmas Eve so this should be the only game to watch. At the same time though it can be very a very hectic time making sure you secured the last Christmas ham or Star Wars merchandise in time before the big get together the next day. While waiting in line pull out your phone and keep an eye on the SoFi Hawaii bowl because it might be a shootout.


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