Bronco Round Table: No. 22 Boise State Heads Into Bye Week Rattled But Not Defeated

Bronco Round Table: No. 22 Boise State Heads Into Bye Week Rattled But Not Defeated

Boise State

Bronco Round Table: No. 22 Boise State Heads Into Bye Week Rattled But Not Defeated

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Bronco Round Table: No. 22 Boise State Heads Into Bye Week Rattled But Not Defeated

Bronco Nation Circles the Wagon after a Tough Loss and Looks Ahead


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Another look at the Broncos during the bye week.

The Boise State Broncos dropped to No. 22 in the national rankings after a tough loss to BYU however Boise State is far from eliminated of reaching any of their goals.  B

oise State is 6-1 and undefeated in Mountain West Conference play and now look to regroup and push forward for the stretch run of the season. Since the second bye week is upon us, we decided to round up some local diehard fans along with our Boise State contributors to give you all another round table where we discuss the season so far and look ahead.  We even got Mountain West Wire Managing Editor to come down from his perch to give his thoughts on the MWC’s flagship program.

Additionally, this time around we were lucky enough to get a special guest in Aaron Tevis.  Aaron played 4 years at Boise State and was recently on the Blue Turf along with some of his teammates from the 2009 Fiesta Bowl winning team as they were honored during the homecoming game this year versus Hawaii.

Look back at our Bronco Round Table from the first bye week earlier this year: Here

Before we jump into the questions, let’s take a moment to meet our contributors:

Hello, I am Scott Martin from Louisville, Kentucky and my town produces bourbon.  I became especially thankful for bourbon’s invention beginning around 11:30 PM (EST) this past Saturday evening. While accruing over $300 in campus parking tickets, I somehow also finished two degrees from Boise State (BA, 1995 and MPA, 2000).  I have two dreams. First, that Built to Spill will play the national anthem for a Boise State home football game. Second, that tortillas will once again be thrown at Albertsons Stadium. You may find me frequently yapping about Bronco football on Twitter at @smartin_scott

I’m Mary Rohlfing. I have been a diehard fan since around 2003 when I had a few players in one of my classes who were horrified to learn that I had never attended a game. When they learned I didn’t just teach at Boise but was also an alumna, they ramped up the pressure. I went to a game and I found that knowing those players engaged me in a way that college ball before just really hadn’t. I grew up in Philly and was mostly a pro sports fan but after attending that first game on the Blue, I was hooked on the Broncos and fell in love with college football. I am on Twitter at @MaryRohlfing

Hey everyone, I’m Ryan. I’m 18 years of age and have been a Boise State fan ever since I can remember. My family moved to the Boise area in 2002 and we were hooked since the first game we attended that year. I unfortunately have few memories of the Kellen Moore era and the rest of the magic before Brett Rypien’s reign. If you want to hear my opinions on Boise State you can find me on Twitter at @Ryan_C_ID

Hello everyone, I am Erik and I was originally a Nebraska fan in the late 90s. The more I watched and played football; the more I started siding with the little guys, the underdogs, and the teams that won by shear will. Once I saw The Blue, I was hooked. You can find me contributing at Mountain West Wire and on Twitter at @erik_smiley54

My name is Collin, and I am a native Idahoan that was born and raised in Boise. I grew up being a big Boise State fan, even before they were even in the FBS and attended Boise State for a portion of my college education. I do some writing at Mountain West Wire and my Twitter handle is @PolarisMan17

Hey! Jeremy Mauss here, I am the head guy here at and it is a weird story how I got to this point. This is the short version for those who do not know. I am from Houston, TX grew up and still follow University Texas and Texas A&M football (a real sin by the way, think of it as liking both Boise State and Idaho), ended up at the University of Utah after a detour to the East Coast at Iona College, started writing about Mountain West sports, and kept at it even when my Utes went to the Pac-12. So when people claim for me to have a bias for or against a team, well I don’t. Onto the questions from Raj! On Twitter at @JeremyMauss

What up all, my name is Raja and I am from California originally but moved to Idaho after I got out of the military and started attending Boise State in 2008.  I got on the Bronco hype train at a pretty good time and traveled to Autzen Stadium in Oregon as a freshman myself to see a young Kellen Moore dissect the Ducks.  Boise State and Bronco football has been pretty good to me and I have slowly evolved (or devolved) into a Bronco Fanatic. You can find me ranting away about Boise State football on Twitter at @RajaBleedsBlue

My name is Aaron Tevis and I’m from Tucson, Arizona. I committed to Boise State in 2006 a few months before the famous first Fiesta Bowl, then moved up here in 2007 to start my NCAA football career as #36, a linebacker for Boise State. I was lucky to be a part of the Kellen Moore class that went 50-3. After a short preseason stint with the New Orleans Saints, I moved back to Boise and got married to my high school sweetheart. I collect hobbies like kids used to collect Pokémon, whether it’s snorkeling, bridge jumping, racquetball, yard games, skateboarding at Rhodes, backpacking, paddle boarding, snowboarding I’m always down to try something new and adventurous. In the Summer you can find me in the water, and in the Winter I’m shredding Bogus Basin. And of course, in the Fall you can find me tailgating at every Bronco game. Since Raja threw out his Twitter handle, I might as well too – give me a follow at @AaronTevis if you want to see my often stupid, but entertaining Tweets.

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