The NCAA Football Video Game Lives? Part 3

The NCAA Football Video Game Lives? Part 3

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The NCAA Football Video Game Lives? Part 3


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How Ratings Affect the Game

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Were here in the third installment of the series on the NCAA Football 14 video game, by EA Sports. If you missed part one and part two of this series, I would suggest you take a look back for context. Or else you can just take this quick summary and march forward.

In Summary…

Part One was sharing that the NCAA Video Game Series has been kept alive by a community of fans and a team of editors who are working on updates to the game’s roster, and therefore the game all year long,

The Second part of the series spent time explaining just how the ratings come to be. This is the longest and most arduous segment in the process. There is a very standardized and consistent process that is applied. Real-time data and credible resources and information are that are used in the updating of players, rosters and therefore the teams.

If its for free, its for me!

I can’t emphasize this enough, but these rosters are completely free to download. As a team of editors putting thousands (yes, we literally have thousands of hours invested) our only ask is that these roster files are respected regarding use.

You should never pay to use the updated rosters found on our Operations Sports Forum. Beware any advertisements or “sellers” who may try and profit from these rosters. We are vehemently opposed to anyone selling this as a commodity or product. We take very seriously that this is a product of our passion and our labors reflect that. Its our contribution to the NCAA Football community.

This also leans into unfortunately the darker side of editing. While there are a lot of wonderful fans out there who are truly instrumental in bringing data and updates to our forum that help us keep the rosters as up-to-date as possible; there are also plenty who simply exhaust our team and forum with grief. One glance on the OS Forum and you will completely understand.

Whether its about bias on ratings or the amount of time it takes to complete teams, the amount of drift that flows from people onto the forum is disheartening. But as Joshua said “do not tremble or be dismayed” and we do just that, thanks to a great team of men working together on this project and moreover a community of wonderful people that are equally brimming with enthusiasm.

“The Team, the Team, the Team”

That one was for you, Boss.

Those of you reading this who may not of gone to the Operations Sports Forum which is the foundation for information sharing and connectivity between the NCAA Football (game) community and the editing, I would encourage you to stop by.

The NCAA 14 Game itself allows for 126 teams which were active in the FBS at the time of the games release. Therefore some teams like Liberty, Appalachian State and Georgia Southern are not on the regular installment of the game. Fans can go and create teams in the Teambuilder mode of the game if they so choose and bring on those teams.

We have an editing team of 10 men who update all 126 of these base teams on the game. Each team has 69 roster spots, so you can do the math on just how much work has to be done considering every single player on every single team gets either updated or replaced. There are editors going to such details that they are even updating equipment for their teams. See the Michigan Wolverines.

One of the unique things we are able to do to bring these rosters to life is use of an editing program outside of the conventional game. The editing program allows for duplicate numbers on players, updated coach win history and a myriad of other facets that are not otherwise possible.


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