Assessing Boise State Football At The Bye Week

Assessing Boise State Football At The Bye Week

Assessing Boise State Football At The Bye Week

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Assessing Boise State Football At The Bye Week

Broncos are sitting pretty in the top 20.

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The Broncos Enter the Bye Week Undefeated but Not Perfect

As Boise State enters the first bye week of the year, it is a good time to step back and assess where the Broncos stand.  We gathered up some of the usual suspects that contribute Boise State content at Mountain West Wire (Raja and Collin) and rounded up a few local fans as well. Rudy and Evan are noted members of Bronco Nation’s twitter community and Brian Decker is our special guest commentator at this round table.  Brian is a former Boise State Bronco himself and played ball under Dan Hawkins, he agreed to share his expert opinion alongside ours.

Here are some questions and answers that are on the minds of Boise State fans but first let’s meet our contributors:

My name is Brian and I grew up around Fresno and had never thought of Boise outside of the fifth-grade state capitals test. Boise State came on to my radar after their 2001 win in Fresno and the following year when I was playing at a junior college, Boise State came to campus and a few weeks later I was driving to Idaho.  I played on the Bronco football team in 2003 and 2004 and was part of the first team to play a bowl game outside of Boise. In 2006 I graduated with a history degree and from there I went on to be a graduate assistant in 2008 and 2009. Now I am just a giant Bronco fan who tries to go to a couple of games a year. Find me on twitter at @Deckerb31.

Hello everyone, my name is Evan. I am from the Midwest where I’ve spent almost all my life growing up in Illinois in the Quad City area. I went to school in Wisconsin and have also spent some time in Michigan and Arizona. Now I’m going to Law School in Ohio. I got into college football around 2009 and my dad’s favorite team was Boise State, so I started watching them and really enjoyed everything about the team and the Boise State culture. I have been an avid fan since then. If you’re in need of low effort tweets about Boise State, or any number of things, you can find me on twitter @PukajloEvan.

Hi all, my name is Rudy.  Originally from CA, moved to Seattle in 1994, and then Idaho in 1998 as part of a job transfer.  I have always been involved in sports, either playing or following the local teams as I have always believed in being part of the local community.  I really started getting into Bronco football in Dirk Koetter’s last year and became a committed fan after watching the Broncos beat a nationally ranked Fresno State in 2001 and have followed them religiously ever since.  I had attended games sporadically until the last 3 years and now our company gets 15 season tickets along with our CEO and CFO getting 4 season tickets each as well.  So, I am pretty much at every game now.  There is just something different about Bronco Nation. I am on twitter at @RudySPNo.

My name is Collin Clovis, and I am a native Idahoan that was born and raised in Boise. I grew up being a big Boise State fan before they were even in the FBS and attended Boise State for a portion of my college education. I do some writing at Mountain West Wire and my twitter handle is @PolarisMan17.

Hi everyone, my name is Raja.  I grew up in the Bay Area, CA and did not really know where Idaho was growing up.  I ended up at Boise State after military service in 2008 and fell in love with the city, school, and football team shortly afterwards. The first road game I went to was Boise State at Oregon back in 2008, dang that was a good day.  I graduated from BSU in 2012 and have spent several years living in Idaho in the following years. Anyway, I love the football team and you can find me ranting away about the school on twitter at @RajaBleedsBlue.

  1. Hank Bachmeier won the starting job at quarterback as a true freshman and has played well through the first four weeks. Of concern though is the amount of hits the young quarterback is taking. What are your thoughts on how Bachmeier has played so far?

Brian: Honestly, I have been incredibly impressed with Hank. Of course, there are some areas of growth needed but he has shown incredible poise and toughness. As that stats show, Hank has also improved as the game has gone on. After the 1st quarter, he is completing close to 75% of his passes and has a 152% QB rating. This is rare as the first 15+ plays are scripted, so he has a great feel of the game and his improvement is remarkable. 

Evan: There are certainly some aspects of Bach’s game that he can improve on, after all no QB is perfect. But I can’t see how somebody could watch these first four games from Bachmeier and not come away incredibly impressed. He’s shown tremendous accuracy to all parts of the field, he’s not fazed by pressure or taking hits, and he’s been very smart with the ball. All my gushing about him aside, I cannot help but wonder if the competition would have turned out differently had Chase Cord been healthier. Cord certainly has the talent to be a starting QB at the FBS level.

Rudy: I know how hyped Hank came in, but I trust the coaches.  I don’t believe they would have started him just because of the hype and if I am right about Hank, I do not think he would have wanted to start if he didn’t earn it.  I think his performances have justified the decision.  What I didn’t realize was how tough he is and only expect him to get better with more experience and yes, I would like to see him get rid of the ball sooner on shorter routes just to save himself a bit.  I also believe that Coach Harsin is the perfect coach for Hank being a former quarterback himself and in 3 and half years we may actually stop wishing for the next Kellen and start wishing for the next Hank.

Collin: When it was announced that Bachmeier would be the starter after the Fall Fan Fest, my first reaction was to be excited. If the coaching staff (that has traditionally gone with the more senior player at quarterback) felt as though he was ready to take on Florida State, then I should sure be on board. Hank has not disappointed through four weeks. His freshman-like mistakes have been minimal and his form of trying hard is holding on to the ball too long. His arm talent is apparent, and I believe his best football is in front of him. 

Raja: I agree with everyone here. Hank Bachmeier was the recruit that had Boise State in a fervor for the last year has not disappointed once he got on the field.  We have never seen a quarterback with Bachmeier’s combination of size, athleticism, talent at Boise State. There’s been some criticism of Bachmeier for holding on to the ball too long trying to make a play and it’s true that that is something for him to work on, but having too much grit is a good thing to have.  Now that Bachmeier has a few games under his belt, I expect him to continue to develop and improve.  Shout out Chase Cord who provides an excellent backup and change of pace quarterback.


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