Bob Davie Will Not Be On The Sidelines For Notre Dame Game

Bob Davie Will Not Be On The Sidelines For Notre Dame Game

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Bob Davie Will Not Be On The Sidelines For Notre Dame Game


Bob Davie Will Not Be On The Sidelines For Notre Dame Contest

The Lobos head coach speaks to the media about his medical incident

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Davie is back with the Lobos

New Mexico football coach Bob Davie spoke to local media at his regularly schedules football press conference with the Lobos. 

It was his first public comments since collapsing in the Lobo locker room last Saturday, after the Lobo’s home opener against Sam Houston State at Dreamstyle Stadium. 

This incident required an ambulance and being hospitalized last Saturday after the Lobo’s first game to late Wednesday. He was at the Lobos team meeting that Thursday. 

The only public statement afterward was from UNM AD Eddie Nunez or Coach Davie was it was a “serious medical incident.” 

“I’m not going to get into a whole lot of details, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. It was a serious medical situation. The problem has been alleviated,” Davie told the media,

He added that he’s expected to have a “full recovery and there is no permanent damage.”

Davie declined to give any specifics at to what precisely this medical incident was. 

Evidently, after he collapsed before going to the interview room, Assistant AD-Communications for UNM, Frank Mercogliano was right there to help catch him. 

So had this “serious medical incident” happened just 20 seconds later, Davie was on his way upstairs to meet with the press. So, it could have been a much more severe fall. 

When Davie collapsed, the UNM medical staff were quick to respond, and for Bob Davie, he was very fortunate to have this team jump on the situation. 

An appreciative and grateful football coach was Bob Davie as he spoke to the media. It was apparent how sincere he was in talking about what happened to him. 

This incident emphasized what is vital in life, and sports takes a back seat to that. That would be people, athletes, and coaches’ lives. 

“This has not gone completely according to the script when we entertained the idea of playing this game against Notre Dame,” Davie said. “Obviously, this isn’t the script we envisioned. Quite honestly I don’t want to make this about me, it’s about the players and coaches who will make the trip to South Bend.”

In place of Davie is offensive line coach Saga Tuitele who will be taking over interim duties this week.

Coach Davie went on to thank the doctors at UNM hospital, the nurses, and Bob Waller UNM Head Athletics Trainer, Athletic Trainer Craig Hendrickson, Tow Diehm nurse Sonrisa Garcia & his entire team responsible. 

Davie mentioned all the doctors by name, Matthew Tennison, Andrew Hyden, Mark Sheldon, and Mohammed Al-Kabeysi. 

“I am not too dramatic in saying that this group saved my life” And my family will forever be appreciative to them,” he said. “The professionalism, the care, the empathy I received, I saw the very best of UNM.”

There was no doubt that Coach Davie was extremely grateful for his life and thankful for all these people involved in saving his life.  He also thanked his players and admitted he felt bad that they had to see him go through this incident. 

He also thanked the families of the players of how much they have reached out to him and shown legitimate concern. 

“It’s been humbling to see the response from my players, and I am very appreciative of their support.” 

It was very undeniable to all in Lobo Nation how much worst outcome this could have turned out. The New Mexico staff were at the right place at the right time to respond to this medical episode or we have a much different and sad outcome. 

All in Lobo nation breathed a sigh of relief as Davie survived this health scare. 

Davie received support and prayers from players, coaches, and the Lobo faithful not only local but from all over the country. 

You could tell that this was not only humbling, but good wishes, the thoughts, and prayers touched Coach Davie and wife Joanne’s hearts.  

Sometimes in the sports world, in the middle of the wins and losses and pressure, something happens to put the focus on what is essential in life. 

The Lobos won their first game against Sam Houston State playing as a team and Coach Bob Davie got to see that teamwork among the UNM Medical Staff to save his life and he was very grateful to them.


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